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M5Core2 is the second generation core device in the M5Stack iot development kit series, which further enhances the functions of the original generation of cores.

The MCU is an ESP32 kits  model D0WDQ6-V3 and has dual core Xtensa® 32-bit 240Mhz LX6 processors that can be controlled separately. Wi-Fi are supported as standard and it includes an on board 16MB Flash and 8MB PSRAM, USB TYPE-C interface for charging, downloading of programs and serial communication, a 2.0-inch integrated capacitive touch screen, and a built-in vibration motor.

M5Core2 also features a built-in RTC module which can provide accurate timing. The power supply is managed by an AXP192 power management chip, which can effectively control the power consumption of the base and a built-in green LED power indicator helps to notify the user of battery level. The battery capacity has been upgraded to 390mAh, which can power the core for much longer than the previous model.

The M5Core2 retains the TF-card(microSD) slot and speakers. However, in order to ensure higher quality sound output, the I2S digital audio interface power amplifier chip is used to effectively prevent signal distortion. There are independent power and reset buttons on the left side and bottom of the base.

The 3 icons on the front of the screen are capacitive buttons which are programmable. There is a small expansion board on the back of the base with a 6-axis IMU sensor and microphone. The development platform and programming language supported by M5Stack Core2: Arduino, UIFlow (using Blockly, MicroPython language) No matter what level of your development and programming skills, M5Stack will help You gradually turn your ideas into reality.

Power Management

Power on: One click the power button on the left
Power off: Long press the left power button for 6 seconds
Reset: Click the RST button on the bottom side

USB drive

Before using, please go to download page to download the USB driver that matches your operating system, and install it.
Note: Core2 currently has two CP2104/CH9102F A USB chip version, users can install the drivers (CH9102 and CP210x) that are compatible with two ICs at the same time to ensure that the device drivers work normally.


To stack M5Core2 with M5 modules, you need to remove/eliminate the battery bottom of Core2; If you wish to keep I2S Mic, IMU and Battery functions, a M5GO Bottom2 is required.**The CP2104 chip interface is reserved on the PCB of CORE2 to interface with the lithium battery.

The vibration sensor of M5Core2 and M5 Base series are incompatible in mechanical design. Please do not stack them together.

Some of the screen edges will have touch non-linearity problem, you can try to use M5Tool to upgrade the screen firmware to solve this problem.

Product Features

  • ESP32-based, built-in Bluetooth/Wi-Fi
  • 16M Flash,8M PSRAM
  • Built-in speaker, power indicator, vibration motor, RTC, I2S amplifier, capacitive touch screen, power button, reset button
  • TF card slot (16G Maximum size)
  • Built-in lithium battery, equipped with power management chip
  • Independent small board built-in 6-axis IMU, PDM microphone
  • M-Bus Socket & Pins
  • Compatible with multi-platform development:


  • 1x M5Stack Core2
  • 1x Type-C USB(20cm)
  • 1x HEX KEY


  • Internet of things terminal controller
  • Stem education product
  • DIY creation
  • Smart home equipment


Resources Parameter
ESP32-D0WDQ6-V3 240MHz dual core, 600 DMIPS, 520KB SRAM, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Flash 16MB
Input Voltage 5V @ 500mA
Interface TypeC x 1, GROVE(I2C+I/0+UART) x 1
IPS LCD Screen 2.0"@320*240 ILI9342C
Touch Screen FT6336U
Speaker 1W-092
LED Green power indicator light
Button Power button, RST button, Virtual screen button*3
Vibration reminder Vibration motor
I2S Power Amplifier NS4168
6-axis IMU MPU6886
RTC BM8563
USB Chip CP2104/CH9102F (two chip versions, there is no difference in function and use)
DC-DC Boost SY7088
TF card slot 16G Max
Lithium Battery 390mAh @ 3.7V
Antenna 2.4G 3D antenna
Operating temperature 0°C to 60°C
Base screw specifications Hexagon socket countersunk head M3
Internal PCB board reserved interface Battery interface (specification: 1.25mm-2P)
USB line interface (specification: 1.25mm-4P)
Net Weight 52g
Gross Weight 70g
Product Size 54 x 54 x 16mm
Package Size 75 x 60 x 20mm
Case Material Plastic ( PC )


  • This tutorial will show you how to control M5Core2 devices through the UIFlow graphical programming platform
    This tutorial will show you how to program and control M5Core2 devices through Arduino IDE
    This tutorial will show you how to control M5Core2 devices through Micropython programming
    Health monitoring using the M5Stack Mini Heart Rate Unit and Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer Unit and the Waylay IO IoT platform.
    I made one-wheel balancing robot. This robot can be operated remotely from a smartphone using Blynk.
    Modern times make modern solutions possible. Therefore, the step to a digital snow globe is not that far.
    Developing a simple remote for my openhub, I have got the app but do not want to unlock my phone, open the app to do stuff

    Customer Reviews

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    Yao Jiang

    M5Stack Core2 ESP32 IoT Development Kit

    Wayne Hawkins
    Amazing device

    I've done nothing more then open the box and turn it on, but what a amazing device. I look forward to coding this early 2024.


    I am working with ESP32 on some industrial equipment.

    Abdulhakeem Abdulrahman
    Cool and handy!

    Cool and handy!

    Vladimir Strycek
    Its good

    Great device, 👍 however missing support for latest micropython.

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