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Gesture Unit is a touchless 3D gesture recognition sensor that utilizes the I2C interface and integrates with the PAJ7620U2 chip. It enables the detection and recognition of various gestures without the need for physical touch.

By default, Gesture Unit includes a program that supports 9 different types of gesture recognition. These gestures provide an intuitive and engaging user experience. Moreover, the sensor can be programmed to recognize more complex gestures according to specific application requirements.

Gesture Unit boasts a high recognition rate of up to 240Hz, ensuring quick and accurate gesture detection. It also exhibits strong anti-interference capabilities, allowing it to function reliably even in environments with potential sources of interference. One of the notable advantages of this sensor is its low power consumption. With an operating current of only 2.2mA, it is energy-efficient and suitable for power-sensitive applications. This makes it an ideal choice for controlling robots based on hand movements, enabling interactive and responsive interactions.

Gesture Unit finds particular utility in interactive applications where touchless gesture recognition is desired. Its reliable recognition process, intuitive operation, and low power consumption make it a valuable component for creating immersive user experiences and enabling gesture-based control in various contexts.

  • Support 9 gestures:
    • Up, Down, Left, Right, Front, Back, Clockwise, Counterclockwise, Quick wave

Product Features

  • PAJ7620U2 gesture sensor / I2C interface
  • Recognizable gestures up to 9 kinds
  • Faster, more accurate.
  • Support for customizing and adding recognition gesture combinations (support developing)
  • Effective recognition distance: 5cm-15cm
  • Embedded infrared LED and optical lens, be able to work in low-light even dark environment
  • Development Platform:
    • Arduino, UIFlow


  • 1x UNIT Gesture
  • 1x HY2.0-4P Cable


  • Touchless remote control
  • Robot interaction
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Gesture light control


Specifications Parameters
Gesture recognition frequency Typical value: 120Hz, maximum 240Hz
Support gestures 9 built-in + 4 software extensions + support software algorithm expansion
Effective recognition distance 5cm-15cm
R Ambient light immunity <100k Lux
Communication interface I2C, addr: 0x73
Working current 2.2mA
Net weight 4.3g
Gross weight 16.4g
Product size 24 * 32 * 8mm
Packing size 67 * 53 * 12mm


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    Unit - Gesture recognition sensor

    Amazing little unit. Not 100% perfect though. Delivery on time as usual.

    Masao Yamazaki

    Unit - Gesture recognition sensor (PAJ7620U2)

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