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RFID2 unit is a radio frequency identification unit that operates at a frequency of 13.56MHz. It features a built-in WS1850S chip, which enables various functions related to RFID technology.

By utilizing magnetic field induction technology, RFID2 unit enables non-contact and two-way information interaction. RFID2 unit supports multiple functions, including reading and writing card data, card recognition, recording information, and encoding RF cards. It facilitates tasks such as authorization and authentication processes for proximity cards.

RFID 2 unit finds applications in various scenarios. It can be integrated into access control systems, allowing authorized personnel to gain entry to secure areas. It can also be used in check-in systems for events or facilities, enabling efficient registration and identification of attendees. In warehouse management, RFID 2 unit can be utilized for goods entry and storage, providing accurate tracking and inventory management. Additionally, it can assist in community vehicle entry and exit registration, ensuring secure and controlled access for residents or visitors.

RFID2 compared to the previous generation RFID UNIT only makes the replacement of read and write IC (RC522->WS1850S), there is no difference in function.

Product Features

  • Operating frequency: 13.56 MHz
  • I2C data rate: Fast mode: up to 400 Kbit/s; High-speed mode: up to 3400 Kbit/s
  • Transceiver buffer: 64 bytes
  • Supported protocols: ISO14443A, MIFARE and NTAG
  • Working temperature: -20℃-85℃
  • Data storage:> 10 years
  • Reading distance: <20 mm
  • Development platform: Arduino, UIFlow(Blockly, Python)
  • 2x LEGO compatible holes


  • 1x RFID Unit
  • 1x HY2.0-4P cable


  • Smart home access control system
  • Vehicle management
  • Smart transportation
  • Smart bookshelf


Resources Parameter
Read and Write IC WS1850S
Operating frequency 13.56MHz
Communication protocol I2C: 0x28
Support protocol ISO/IEC 14443 Type A/Type B protocol
Net weight 6g
Gross weight 21g
Product size 48 * 24 * 8mm
Packing size 67 * 53 * 12mm


  • Realize the "offline cloud platform" interaction function of operation information based on mqtt information transmission technology
    An automatic system to perform the tasks of Safe Entry. It consist an adjustable Thermometer, RFID / QR Code Check in and Counting.

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