Real Time Clock (RTC) Unit (HYM8563)


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RTC (Real-Time Clock) unit is a programmable module that incorporates the HYM8563 low-power CMOS real-time clock/calendar chip. It utilizes the I2C communication interface for data exchange and control.

The module is designed with a full-coverage case, which effectively protects the circuitry and enhances its stability during operation. This protective casing shields the RTC unit from external factors such as dust, moisture, and physical damage, ensuring long-term reliability. By leveraging the I2C communication interface, the RTC unit can be easily integrated into existing systems, allowing for seamless communication and synchronization with other devices or modules.

RTC unit finds applications in a wide range of embedded systems, instruments, and devices where an accurate and reliable real-time clock is required. It can be utilized as a reference for time-based operations, scheduling, data logging, event triggering, and other time-sensitive functions.

Role of RTC

Most MCUs are built-in timers, which usually start working automatically when the hardware is powered on, and reset when the hardware is powered off. The built-in timer can handle some simple timing tasks, but if we want to implement data timestamp recording, clock, alarm clock and other time-span functions, a system power-independent clock RTC is the best choice.

Product Features

  • Support second/minute/hour/day/month/year. time data reading and writing
  • 32.768kHz high-precision clock crystal, greatly reducing the time error
  • Low power consumption, coin battery can work continuously for years
  • With century mark
  • I2C communication interface


  • 1x Unit RTC
  • 1x Coin cell battery (38mAh)
  • 1x HY2.0-4P cable


  • Clock, alarm clock
  • Power down time synchronization


Specifications Parameters
Clock chip HYM8563
Crystal Frequency 32.768kHz
Communication interface I2C, addr: 0x51, bus max speed 400Kbps
Power supply voltage 5V DC
Net weight 4.1g
Gross Weight 8.3g
Product Dimensions 48 * 24 * 8mm
Package Size 67 * 53 * 12mm


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