PWRCAN 13.2 Module with Isolated 2-Ch CAN & 1-Ch RS485


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PwrCAN Module 13.2 is a multifunctional module designed for the PwrCAN bus, integrating isolated CAN communication and DC 9-24V power bus. The module also includes Pwr485 (with isolation) bus functionality and can provide isolated 5V power supply to the M5 host. The CAN communication part uses the CA-IS3050G isolated transceiver, and the RS485 part uses the CA-IS3082W isolated transceiver. The GPIOs related to CAN and RS485 communication can be selected through dip switches, and the 120-ohm terminal resistance at the CAN and RS485 outputs can also be selected through dip switches. The module's power bus supports DC 9-24V wide voltage input, with the DC socket directly connected to the HT3.96 and XT30 power parts. The built-in isolated power module F0505S-2WR3 provides power to the M5 host. This module is suitable for fields such as robot control, protocol conversion, industrial automation, automotive communication systems, intelligent transportation, and building automation.

Product Features

  • Isolated CAN bus (dual channel)
  • Isolated RS485 bus
  • Signal isolation
  • Power isolation supply
  • Multiple power interfaces
  • Wide voltage input range (9-24V)
  • CAN/RS485 communication pin switching dip switch


  • 1x PwrCAN Module 13.2
  • 1x HT3.96-4P
  • 1x XT30(2+2)PW-M cable


  • Robot control
  • Protocol conversion
  • Industrial automation
  • Automotive communication systems
  • Intelligent transportation
  • Building automation


Specification Parameters
Supported Protocols CAN & RS485 bus communication protocols
CAN Communication CA-IS3050G@dual channel
RS485 Communication CA-IS3082W@single channel
CAN Interface XT30(2+2)PW-M horizontal solder pin male head
RS485 Interface HT3.96-4P
CAN Bus Speed Maximum 1Mbps
RS485 Bus Speed Maximum 500Kbps
CAN Supported Nodes 110 nodes
RS485 Supported Nodes 256 nodes
Voltage Input Range 9-24V
Power Supply Method DC power socket (5.5/2.1mm, inner positive outer negative), 485 interface (HT3.96) power supply, CAN interface (XT30) power supply
Operating Temperature 0-40°C
Product Dimensions 54*54*19.7mm
Package Dimensions 136*92*19.7mm
Product Weight 27.7g
Package Weight 52.4g


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