Programmable Power Supply Module 13.2


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PPS Module 13.2 is a programmable power supply module. This module employs STEP-DOWN buck technology, supports a wide DC 9-36V input voltage, and integrates an STM32 control processor and AD8418 high-resolution current amplifier. Through high-precision closed-loop control, it achieves a rated output power of 100W (peak 150W) with high-precision current and voltage output, capable of delivering 0.5~30V/0~5A, with a read-back accuracy of ±30mV/5mA. Additionally, the module incorporates isolation chips CA-IS3020S and B0505S-1WR3, providing electrical isolation for both the power supply and the communication bus. The output interface uses standard 4MM banana plug sockets, with a positive and negative pole spacing of 19mm. Each module is calibrated for full-range accuracy before leaving the factory, and users will need to separately purchase a compatible DC power adapter. This module is suitable for use in scientific research experiments, industrial automation, embedded system development, and DIY projects requiring an adjustable power supply.

The maximum output depends on the output capacity of the input DC power supply.


  • DC 9-36V wide voltage input, output 0.5~30V/0~5A
  • High precision rated output power 100W (peak 150W)
  • With electrical isolation safety performance
  • Standard 4mm banana socket, positive and negative electrode spacing 19mm
  • Works with Core/Core2/CoreS3 series hosts


  • 1x Module13.2-PPS


  • Scientific research experiment
  • Automation in industry
  • Embedded system development
  • Adjustable power supply DIY project


Resources Parameters
Memory firmware chip STM32G030F6P6
Power and communication bus isolation chip CA-IS3020S and B0505S-1WR3
Current amplifier chip AD8418
Input voltage DC 9-36V
Output power 100W (Peak 150W)
Output current voltage 0.5~30V/0~5A
Accuracy Plus or minus 30mV/5mA
Standby current Avg:DC36V/12mA
Working current Avg:DC36V/32mA
Banana head size (spacing) 4MM (pitch 19mm)
I2C communication address 0x35
Operating temperature 0-40°C
Product Size 68.5*54*19.7mm
Package Size 130*95*24mm
Product Weight 43.6g
Package Weight 64.5g


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