PDM MEMS Microphone Unit (SPM1423)


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PDM mini Unit is a digital MEMS silicon-based microphone that utilizes Pulse-Density Modulation (PDM) signaling. This microphone is known for its high signal-to-noise ratio, high sensitivity, low power consumption, resistance to RF interference, and smooth frequency response. It automatically switches microphone states (power-off/active/sleep) based on the clock frequency, making it suitable for a wide range of applications in wearable devices and smart digital devices for audio data capture.

One of the key advantages of the PDM mini Unit is its digital output format. Instead of providing analog signals, it utilizes the PDM technique, which converts the audio signal into a digital bitstream based on the density of pulses. This digital output makes it convenient for integration with digital signal processors (DSPs) or microcontrollers, as it eliminates the need for additional analog-to-digital conversion.

PDM mini Unit offers high performance in terms of capturing audio with excellent fidelity. Its high signal-to-noise ratio ensures clear and accurate audio recordings, while its high sensitivity allows for capturing even subtle sounds. The low power consumption makes it suitable for battery-powered devices, extending their operational life. Additionally, its resistance to RF interference ensures reliable audio capture in the presence of electromagnetic signals.

This microphone is well-suited for applications where compact size, low power consumption, and high-quality audio capture are essential. It finds use in various devices such as wearable technology, smartwatches, smartphones, tablets, voice-controlled devices, and other smart digital devices that require audio data collection and analysis.

Product Features

  • I2S PORT,PDM encoding output (CLK/DAT)
  • High sensitivity, high signal to noise ratio
  • Low power consumption
  • Anti-radio frequency interference
  • Compatible with LEGO


  • 1x PDM mini Unit
  • 1x HY2.0 4P Cable(5CM)


  • Spectrum Analyzer
  • Recorder
  • Noise meter


Resources Parameter
Digital microphone SPM1423
Sensitivity 94dB SPL@1KHz Nom.:-22dBFS
Signal to Noise Ratio 94dB SPL@1KHz,A-weighted Nom.:61.4dB
Total Harmonic Distortion 100dB SPL@1KHz Nom.:1%
Working Current 600µA
Net Weight 4g
Gross Weight 8g
Product Size 24*24*13mm
Package Size 35*36*18mm
Case material Plastic(PC)


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