Neo HEX 37 RGB LED Board (WS2812)


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NeoHEX is an impressive hexagonal board featuring 37 RGB LED flexible beads, designed to create a visually stunning display. The board is controlled using a single BUS, allowing for easy integration and control. It supports the connection of multiple boards, enabling the creation of larger and more intricate lighting setups.

NeoHEX board is designed with two sets of different angle input connectors, providing options for independent power supply and signal control. This flexibility allows for customized configurations and efficient power management.

The board's external structure includes fixing ears, making installation hassle-free. The opal light sheet used in the NeoHEX board enhances the lighting effect by diffusing the light, creating a gentle and inviting glow. This diffusion effect transforms living spaces into unique and functional works of art, adding a touch of innovation and elegance to any environment.

Whether used in residential or commercial settings, the NeoHEX board offers endless possibilities for creative lighting designs. Its vibrant RGB LED beads, single BUS control, multiple board connectivity, and diffusion technology make it a versatile choice for creating captivating lighting of functional art.

Product Features

  • WS2812C-2020-V1
  • Number of LEDs: 37
  • Support multiple boards connection
  • 6x fixing ears (removable)
  • Comes with opal light sheet
  • Single pixel support 256 levels of brightness display, can be combined for 16777216 kinds of full color display


  • 1x NeoHEX Unit
  • 1x Opal light sheet
  • 1x Power Consumption Reference Card
  • 1x HY2.0-4P cable (20cm)


  • Lighting decoration


Specification Parameters
LED Bead Model WS2812C-2020-V1
Number of light beads 37
Voltage supply 3.7 ~ 5.3V
Logic input level -0.3V ~ VDD+0.7
Output/output interface HY2.0-4P interface: 2x input (signal, power), 1x output (extension)
Refresh Rate 30 frames (1024 cascades)
Power consumption Actual measurement of power consumption (37 lights are fully lit, brightness 100%):
Red Light:DC5V@207mA
Green Light:DC5V@109mA
Blue Light:DC5V@208mA
White light:DC5V@568mA
Adjustable brightness Level 256
Support Colors 16777216 kinds of colors
Fixing hole diameter 2mm
Net Weight 3.7g
Gross Weight 9g
Product Size 40*36*7mm
Package Size 93*138mm


  • Make a simple watch device using UIFlow.

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