MIDI Synthesizer Unit (SAM2695)


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Synth Unit is an audio module designed specifically for MIDI sound systems. This unit features the built-in SAM2695 audio synthesizer and accepts standard MIDI signals through serial communication. It provides various audio synthesis and processing capabilities, including audio synthesis, mixing, and sound effects processing. It is suitable for applications such as live performances, music production studios, electronic music stages, and STEAM education.

Synth Unit offers many distinctive features, including multi-channel instrument sound output and parameter adjustments such as four-stage EQ and reverb. By configuring multi-channel instrument sound output, it allows the simultaneous generation of multiple tones, creating rich musical effects. The four-stage EQ and reverb parameters enable precise adjustment of audio timbre and spatial perception according to personal preferences and requirements.

To ensure clear and excellent audio output, the Synth Unit is equipped with the high-performance NS4150B Class D amplifier chip. Whether you need clear audio feedback during live performances or high-quality audio output in the music production process, the Synth Unit is capable of meeting these demands.


  • SAM2695 audio synthesis chip
  • Serial port communication
  • Class D amplifier
  • MIDI Standard Protocol
  • Supports the configuration of multi-channel instrument source output
  • Support four EQ, reverberation and other parameters adjustment
  • Programming environment: Arduino, UIFlow, etc


  • 1x Synth Unit
  • 1x Grove Cable(20cm)


  • Improvisation
  • Music production studio
  • Electronic music stage
  • STEAM education


Resources Parameters
Audio synthesizer chip SAM2695
Power amplifier chip NS4150B
Sound standard protocol MIDI
Speaker 8Ω@1W
Operating temperature 0-40°C
Product Size 48*24*16mm
Package Size 136* 92*13mm
Product Weight 10g
Package Weight 15.4g


  • Customer Reviews

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    Steve Johns
    Fantastic synthesizer unit

    I was very surprised at the number of unique “instruments” and sounds that this unit provides. The documentation on M5Stack was somewhat lacking but the data sheet provided enough info to get this unit programmed. I found UIFlow wasn’t very helpful in programming this synthesizer and much more could be done by M5 to help basic “programmers” like myself, particularly as I am trying to introduce my grandson to graphical programming. All this said, this unit has a lot of potential.

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