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NeoFlash HAT is specifically designed for M5StickC, it is an RGB LED matrix. Space on PCB board is 58x23.5mm and total include 126 RGB LEDs. Every single RGB LED is programmable, which allows you setting the colors and brightness, plus on the 7*18 matrix layout, you will have a nice experience on either display digital numbers or colorful light effection.

We even prepared a dark brown acrylic board to cover on the NeoFlash board for better effection. We also provide two types of pin set with a 90-degree bend so that you can attach the NeoFlash board onto M5StickC in different ways. If you thinking about adding a display on your project, NeoFlash is a good choice.

Product Features

  • Primordial three basic colors for each pixel
  • Total brightness levels: 0-255
  • Achievable of 16777216 completed all-color display.
  • 24-bit RGB data: 8-bit for each color
  • RGB LED Quantity: 126 pcs
  • Hole Distance: 0.1 in-(2.54 mm)
  • Hole Dimension: 0.039 "1mm (CNC Factory)
  • Assembly Approach: back to back (default) / horizontal contact


  • 1x Neoflash HAT
  • 2x 8 pin 2.54mm bend pin set(90°)
  • 1x 2mm dark brown acrylic board
  • 2x 15cm string (#71、0.4mm)


  • LED Matrix Display
  • Digital Clock
  • Colorful Led Display


Resources Parameter
Net weight 11g
Gross weight 20g
Product Size 58*24*3mm
Package Size 67*53*12mm

Customer Reviews

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M5StickC NeoFlash Hat

quick and painless delivery as usual. Works as advertised. Plastic cover has slight scratches, but they don't affect the end result. Thank you.

Great Hat

Works well. Is a great solution for a Tally Light

Neoflash hat

Finally got the display working using the easy loader demo on the product page. The lights are nice and bright. Did notice when I turned off the power to the stickc the neoflash stayed on. I guess that would drain the battery. No UIFlow implementation yet but hey I quess it will arrive at some point.

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