M5Stack Voltage and Amperage Meter with M5StampS3


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VA Meter is a professional programmable high-precision power meter designed for accurate voltage and current measurement. This product is based on the M5StampS3 main control module, supporting WiFi functionality. It features two serially connected INA226 current and voltage measurement circuits, providing current detection resolutions of 2.5uA and 250uA, and supports a measurement range of 0-5A and 5-24V (1-24V in isolation mode). The product can be powered through a USB-C interface or Base terminal input and includes built-in power and signal isolation. Users can select between isolated measurement via USB power or non-isolated measurement using direct power through a toggle switch, catering to different application needs. The accompanying expansion BASE includes relay on/off control and a Grove port for secondary development.

Additionally, the instrument supports OTA firmware upgrades and USB MSC/OTG functionality, allowing users to edit and view data and configuration files stored in the main control file system on a PC. M5 also provides a free online data API interface, enabling users to upload test data to the EZData platform for remote access and browsing, significantly simplifying IoT application development. The VA Meter is a versatile and developer-friendly instrument, ideal for engineering projects requiring precise current and voltage measurements, as well as fields such as industrial automation, equipment monitoring, and smart grids.


  • High precision current detection (2.5uA/250uA precision switching)
  • Wide voltage input (5-24V)
  • Cloud (EZData) real-time data display
  • PD input (internal does not contain PD decoy)
  • Multiple power supply modes (PD INPUT/StampS3/External terminal)
  • Power is isolated from signal
  • USB MSC/OTG function
  • Open source hardware and software
  • OTA Upgrade


  • 1x VA Meter
  • 1x VA Meter Base
  • 2x 3.81-2P terminal
  • 4x Hanger (small)


  • Industrial Automation
  • Equipment Monitoring
  • Smart Grid
  • Power Testing and Analysis
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Devices
  • Smart Home Management
  • Remote Monitoring and Data Collection


Resources Parameters
Power detection chip INA226
SoC ESP32S3FN8@Xtensa® 32-bit LX7 dual-core processor up to 240 MHz
Flash 8MB Flash
Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n (2.4 GHz Wi-Fi)
Screen 1.3 Inch@ 240*240 Pixel
Screen Driver ST7789
PD Input/Output Power 5-24V@0-5A
Current detection resolution 2.5uA/250uA
Current sampling error Small current (1-100mA) sampling error: 1.01%
Large current (100mA-5A) Sampling error: 0.94%
UA-level current sampling error: 0.69%
Power Consumption (factory firmware) SSTAMP_S3 USB power supply: DC5V/123.5mA
PD INPUT power supply: DC5V/118mA     DC12V/66.8mA     DC24V/26mA
PD OUTPUT capability DC24V/3A 68℃
DC24V/5A 92℃
USER interaction Rotary encoder switch, reset button, boot button and board
INA226 Communication Address Two detection chips INA226:0x40/0x41
Relay DC 5-24V @5A
Operating Temperature 0-40°C
Product Size VAMeter 36*36*14.7mm
VAMeter 36*36*20.3mm
Rail Fastening 51.5*48*5.5mm
Package Size 150*93*30mm
Product Weight VAMeter:17.7g VAMeter Base:25.8g
Rail Fastening 4g
Package Weight 68.1g


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