M5Stack NB-IoT Module (M5311)


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This is a wireless communication module, integrated an NB-IoT M5311 module that produced by China Mobile. The dimension if M5311 is 16mm * 18mm * 2.2mm, which is very tiny, and gives convenience to the user of more flexible dimension requirement.

package with LCC allows quick production through standard SMT, which provides a more reliable connection method and performance on the extreme environment.

the power requirement of this M5311 module is down to 2.1V, AA battery supported, it can fully utilize the power of AA battery, to provide an extremely low-power-consumption solution for terminal devices.

M5311 provides abundant external interfaces and protocol stacks, support peripheral sensors, etc.

Based on M5311, we have offered extra hardware resources on NB-IoT Module, WUP, STA LEDs, 3 alternative UARTs, one power button, and 2 alternative antennae.

Power Operation:

  • Power On: GPIO2 stay HIGH for 2s
  • Power Off: GPIO2 stay HIGH for 8s
  • Power On: Button long-press for 2s
  • Power Off: Button long-press for 8s
  • Reset module: GPIO26 HIGH

Module compatibility

Master control device Compatibility
BASIC/GRAY/M5GO Compatible
FIRE Conflicts with PSRAM (G16/17), use requires flying leads to another set of UART pins
CORE2 Occupy external port G32

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