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Din Meter is a1/32 DIN standard embedded development board equipped with a 1.14-inch ST7789 screen and powered by an M5StampS3 as its main controller. It features a built-in rotary encoder for precise knob position tracking. Additionally, it includes an RTC circuit, an onboard buzzer, and buttons below the screen for device interaction and alert notifications. In terms of power supply, the design supports a wide voltage input range of 6-36V DC and has reserved interfaces for a lithium battery and charging circuit to cater to various needs. Moreover, reserved PORTA and PORTB interfaces facilitate the expansion of I2C and GPIO devices. This product is suitable for applications in parameter measurement and detection, smart home control, Internet of Things (IoT) projects, smart wearables, access control, industrial control, and educational maker projects.

Power On: The device can be powered on by pressing the "WAKE" button or through an IRQ signal triggered by the RTC timer. After the wake-up signal is triggered, it is necessary to set the hold(G46) pin to high (1) during program initialization to maintain power; otherwise, the device will re-enter sleep mode.
Power Off: When there is no USB external power supply, this can be achieved by pressing the RST button; or, when there is no USB external power supply, by setting HOLD(GPIO46)=0 in the program to power off the device.

To enter download mode, please hold down the G0 button on the StampS3 before powering on, then release it after the power is on.

Three power supply modes: USB/DC/BAT schematics

Din size standard:



  • ST7789v2 screen
  • M5StampS3 as the main control
  • Rotary Encoder
  • Wide voltage input
  • Reserved PORTA and PORTB ports
  • Lithium battery interface (Rechargeable)
  • 1/32DIN standard (45*22.5mm)
  • Programming platform: Arduino, UIFlow


  • 1xM5DinMeter
  • 1X250mAh Battery
  • 1xtag
  • 1xDC-JACK terminal input (6-36V)
  • 1xBack brace


  • Smart home detection and control system
  • Access Control System
  • Industrial Control
  • Makers and DIY projects


Resources Parameters
MCU ESP32-S3@Xtensa LX7,8M-FLASH,WIFI,OTG\CDC function
Wide Voltage Input Range 6-36V
Screen Driver ST7789V2
Charge Current 100mA
Grove Carries Capacity PORT-A Carrying capacity :DC5V/Max:220mA
PORT-B Carrying capacity :DC5V/Max:220mA
standby current(Battery powered standby current) DC4.2V/38.4uA
Battery seat specifications 1.25mm-2p
Power Supply Mode USB/DC Power supply/Battery
Operating Temperature 0-40°C
Product Size 53*32*30mm
Package Size 137*93*24mm
Product Weight 17.6g
Package Weight 46g


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