M5Stack CoreMP135 w/ STM32MP135D


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CoreMP135 is an integrated Linux industrial control host based on the STM32MP135DAE7 chip. It features a single-core Arm Cortex-A7 processor with a frequency of up to 1GHz and is equipped with 4Gb DDR3L SDRAM for running memory. The device boasts a rich array of functional interfaces: it has 2 GbE ports, 1 HD video output, 2 USB 2.0-A ports, 1 USB-C port (supporting OTG and power supply), a MicroSD card slot, 2 CAN FD interfaces, and 1 PWR485 interface (9~24V power input + RS485), along with 2 Grove (I2C & UART) interfaces. In terms of human-machine interaction, it features a 2.0-inch IPS capacitive touch screen and a 1W speaker (16 bits I2S driven). The device is designed for low power consumption, utilizing an AXP2101 power management chip and an integrated RTC (BM8563) for scheduled wake-up and sleep functions, and supports a rechargeable battery. It includes a DC power socket supporting an external DC12V@2A power supply. The host comes with a MicroSD card preloaded with Debian system, ready to use upon booting. Suitable for various installation scenarios, the device’s bottom is equipped with a DIN rail base plate for easy wall mounting and screw fixing. It is applicable in advanced industrial automation, smart home and multimedia entertainment devices, industrial IoT edge gateways, and as a central hub for robot motion control.


  • STM32MP135DAE7@Arm Cortex-A7@1GHz
  • Linux Standard Platform
  • Rich peripheral interfaces (CAN\RS485\ gigabit network port, etc.)
  • 2.0 "touch screen
  • PMU
  • Audio Output
  • MicroSD and 4Gb DDR3L SDRAM running memory
  • M5BUS&PORT A / C
  • DIN Rail rails are easy to install


  • 1x CoreMP135
  • 1x M3 hex wrench
  • 1x VH3.96-4P
  • 2x Terminal 2.54mm-2P(green)
  • 1x MicroSD Card(already installed in the machine)
  • 1x Specification


  • Automation in Industry
  • Smart Home
  • Industrial IoT Edge Gateway
  • Education and development
  • Robot motion center controller


Resources Parameters
MCU STM32MP135DAE7@single-core Arm Cortex-A7 processor, main frequency 1 GHz
Power Management Chip AXP2101
485 Communication MAX3485
CAN Communications Two-channel SIT1051T/3 (High speed FDCAN )
USB Hub Interface GL852G (2x USB2.0)
1x USBC (Support OTG and power supply)
HD Video Interface Chip LT8618SXB, supports up to 24 bits of color depth
Ethernet RTL8211F (supports up to 1Gbps data rate)
2x RJ45
RTC BM8563
Screen ILI9342C(2.0IPS LCD)
Resolution: 240*320px
Touch FT6336U
Power Amplifier NS4168 (mono Class D power amplifier)
I2S serial digital audio input
Supports a wide range of sampling rates: 8kHz~96kHz
Speaker 1W@4Ω
Dc power input DC12V/2A
Operating Temperature 0-40°C
Power Supply DC12V@2A OR USB-C 5V@3A
Product Size 54*54*34.5mm
Package Size 81*54*39.5mm
Product Weight 99.5g
Package Weight 155.9g


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