LAN Module 13.2 (W5500)


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LAN Module 13.2 is a powerful Ethernet controller module that integrates the W5500 hardware TCP/IP embedded Ethernet controller (via SPI communication interface). It supports multiple communication protocols and is suitable for various applications such as industrial automation, Internet of Things (IoT), data acquisition, and remote monitoring.

LAN Module 13.2 features the built-in W5500 hardware TCP/IP embedded Ethernet controller, which supports TCP, UDP, IPv4, and other communication protocols to meet the requirements of different application scenarios. Additionally, the module integrates a storage buffer area to handle Ethernet data packets efficiently. Equipped with a signal-isolated gigabit transformer, LAN Module 13.2 converts the input signals from the RJ45 interface to the appropriate output signals, achieving electrical isolation and preventing electromagnetic interference. This enhances system stability and reliability.

LAN Module 13.2 supports a DC-JACK interface (9-24V) and a DC-DC buck circuit, simplifying power management and providing a reliable power supply for the entire device. The module includes a built-in jumper pin for chip selection, allowing two modules to be stacked simultaneously for dual Ethernet connectivity. It also provides a VH3.96 interface for easy integration of additional expansion devices, offering greater flexibility to meet specific application requirements.

In addition to its application as an Ethernet controller, LAN Module 13.2 can be widely used in various scenarios such as Ethernet-to-AP conversion, lightweight web server, and RS485-to-Ethernet data transmission unit (DTU). It enables diverse data transfer and interconnection, providing flexible solutions for users.


  • Signal isolation: built-in 100 megabit transformer to achieve signal isolation.
  • Power supply: 9-24V DC-JACK interface and DC-DC booster circuit are provided.
  • Expansibility: Reserved VH3.96 port, allowing users to add expansion devices.
  • Support a variety of protocols: built-in W5500 full hardware TCP/IP embedded Ethernet controller, protocol support, including TCP, UDP, IPv4 and so on.


  • 1x LAN Module 13.2
  • 2x VH3.96* 4P Male
  • 2x VH3.96* 4P Female


  • Industrial Automation
  • IoT
  • Network communication equipment
  • Data acquisition and remote monitoring


Resources Parameters
Ethernet Controller W5500
Network Interface RJ45 Adaptive 10/100M network port
External power supply voltage 9-24V
Operating temperature 0-40°C
Communication Mode SPI
Product Size 54*54*13.2mm
Package Size 132*95*21mm
Product Weight 29.6g
Package Weight 40.7g


  • Customer Reviews

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    Philip Adamson
    Doesn't work properly

    The module doesn't work properly with Micropython - I needed it to act as a web server, but it doesn't respond at all as it should. Even the code in the examples doesn't work.

    LAN Module 13.2 (W5500)

    Works as advertised. I like the fact that it's a module and can go in between stacked modules (in contrast to the older LAN Base which had to be at the bottom of a stack).

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