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PoESP32 Unit is an Ethernet module that integrates the ESP32 microcontroller and supports Power over Ethernet (PoE) functionality. It combines the capabilities of the ESP32, a versatile microcontroller with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, with the IP101G physical layer transceiver.

PoESP32 Unit comes with default firmware using the ESP-AT command set. This firmware enables support for TCP, MQTT, and HTTP protocols, allowing for easy communication and data transmission over the Ethernet connection. By using simple AT commands through the serial port, the module can connect to a server and achieve remote control and data transmission functions.

One of the key features of PoESP32 Unit is its support for Power over Ethernet. This means that it can receive power through the Ethernet cable, eliminating the need for a separate power supply. This simplifies wiring and reduces labor costs, as there is no need to run additional power lines to the module.

Additionally, PoESP32 Unit is designed with secondary development in mind. It provides the necessary interfaces and capabilities for customization and expansion, allowing developers to tailor the module to their specific requirements.

Product Features

  • Embedded ESP32 main controller
  • PHY solution:
    • Transceiver model IP101G
    • IEEE 802.3/802.3u standard
  • Ethernet Interface.
    • PoE standard: PoE IEEE802.3 AF / Support maximum load power 6W
    • RJ45 network port 10/100Mbps
  • Communication / download interface:
    • Default firmware is ESP-AT / Support secondary development to implement TCP Client/HTTP/CoAP and other protocols
    • Programmable / support secondary development, reserve program download interface
  • Power supply.
    • HY2.0-4P interface 5V DC power supply
    • PoE power supply (PoE IEEE802.3 AF)
  • Development method.
    • AT command, UART: 9600bps default
    • Development Platform: UIFlow(coming soon), Arduino, ESP-IDF


  • 1x UNIT PoESP32
  • 1x HY2.0-4P Cable (20cm)
  • 1x Instruction manual


  • Ethernet Controller
  • TCP Client data passthrough


Specifications Parameters
ESP32-WROOM-32U 240MHz dual core, 600 DMIPS, 520KB SRAM (without integrated 3D antenna, does not support WiFi&BLE wireless function)
Flash 4MB
PHY IP101G: IEEE 802.3/802.3u
MAC-PHY Interface Type RMII
PoE Specifications PoE IEEE802.3 AF Specifications / Maximum Power 6W / Voltage DC 37-57V
Ethernet Interface Specifications RJ45 10/100Mbps
Reserved interface 1x HY2.0-4P interface, 1x program download interface
Communication interface UART 9600bps 8N1 AT command control
Communication logic level 3.3V
Net Weight 26.2g
Gross Weight 32.8g
Product size 72 * 26 * 19.2mm
Packing Size 75 * 36 * 20.5mm


  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Mike Caldwell
    Really like

    I’m opening these up and flashing these to run ESPHome as well as Arduino sketches, using them as data collectors, and they are great for this. The uart port works as i2c if I need, no issues. Wish list, a jumper to disable the PoE if desired (or maybe M5 can tell us a trace or pin to cut, or component to remove)

    Josiah Spackman
    Most reliable ESP32

    Basically, it's the best ESP32 you can get yourself if you need reliability. POE is amazing, and so is this unit, even though it doesn't have any additional pin availability aside from the Grove port. 10/10 highly recommend, especially for ESPHome!

    Michael Dejmek
    Great Unit !

    The ESP32 Ethernet Unit with PoE is an excellent controller better than any other PnP device with full functionality of a non-PoE ESP32. Just fantastic...

    ESP32 Ethernet Unit with PoE

    Very cool device. Works as advertised and delivery was flawless as usual. Thank you.

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