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BaseX is a special base compatible with LEGO EV3 motor. The structure design is similar to base26, supporting multiple ways of fixation, and an additional LEGO connection base is provided. When building the LEGO structure, Basex can be easily embedded in the work. Basex can be connected to 4-way (RJ11) LEGO motor at the same time, supporting angle / speed reading and control, and perfectly compatible with the original motor functions. In addition, the base provides two servo interfaces, which can directly control the rotation angle of the servo.There is a motherboard PDM microphone for sound collection. In order to adapt to different use scenarios, a UART interface (16 / 17) and a GPIO interface (26 / 36) are provided to make access to various sensors more flexible. A 950mAh battery is built in the base, which can be charged through the usb-c interface of m5core to extend the endurance. In order to improve the driving ability of the interface, the base is equipped with a DC power socket, which can be powered by an external 9-12v power supply to provide a stable power supply for the motor.

Product Features

  • 4-way RJ11 LEGO motor interface (total maximum output current 2A)
  • 2-way servo interface (total maximum output current 2A)
  • 1-way UART
  • 1-way GPIO
  • On board PDM microphone (GOIO 34)
  • On board DC-DC conversion (9 ~ 12V,independent power supply for the motor only)
  • Built in 950mAh battery
  • Multiple fixing methods / LEGO hole connection support


  • Encoder motor / servo controller
  • LEGO DIY intelligent control


  • 1x BaseX
  • 1x LEGO base
  • 2x M3 * 5mm 304 Stainless steel hexagon socket bolt
  • 2x M3 * 32mm 304 Stainless steel hexagon socket bolt
  • 1x HEX KEY


Resources Parameter
Net weight 59g
Gross weight 110g
Product Size 54*54*26mm
Package Size 150*65*40mm


  • Based on a LEGO NXT Mindstorm base for movement, and a M5Stack Grey Core for brains. Controlled by a simple web interface
    Gate/door fingerprint security system with body temperature checks for the anti-COVID measure.
    The PID Control Learning Platform is based on an M5Stack Fire & BaseX with TOF and Accel Units, and some Lego NXT parts.

    Customer Reviews

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    Jeff C. (Bartlebee)
    Base X For Motor Control

    So if your project is going to require several motors then Base X is totally the way to go. It was pretty easy to use for controlling speed and position for multiple motors. I did find that for more simple projects that require specific motor speed or position that the GOPLUS motor driver module worked much better. But the main big problem with the Base X is.. NO INPUTS/OUTPUT PINS. A base like this would only be used on a big project that you better believe is going to require input/output pins. Since the original magnetic backing has the pin holes for add on's you basically get nothing when you use the Base X which is really what stopped me from ever using it. If you could add a pin connection layout to the bottom it would be fantastic.

    actually. the BaseX has provide two Grove compatible port. each port include two GPIO. so , like use general IO pins you could use Dupont cable to connect it . PortC(the blue port include G16 G17) ,PortB(the black port include G26 G36)

    René Zimmerli
    All perfect

    All is perfect

    Jolie Grant


    Aliza Ferry

    good transaction

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