Base15 Proto Industrial Board Module v1.1


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Base15 V1.1 is a "5x5cm system" universal functional base, the thickness of the product is 15mm (excluding the busbar pin header), including 9~24V to 5V DCDC circuit and 2 custom Grove expansion ports, as well as the PCB center 2.54mm spacing hole board area, users can independently add circuit functions. A variety of fixing methods are reserved in the structure, supporting DIN rail, wall mounting, screw fixing, and bottom M12 connector fixing. This product is mainly used for customers to customize the function base. (Customers can contact the official deep customization)


  • Built-in 9-24V to 5V DCDC circuit
  • Rails, wall mounting, screws and M12 fastening
  • Includes 2 Grove expansion ports
  • Custom add circuits


  • 1x Base15 V1.1 Proto Board
  • 1x Base15 V1.1 base case
  • 2x HY2.0-4P terminal
  • 1x 1.5mm hex key
  • 1x 2.0mm hex key
  • 1x 2.5mm hex key
  • 1x 35mm silver metal rail
  • 1x 35mm black rail clip
  • 2x M3*8mm screws (countersunk head, mechanical teeth)
  • 2x M3*22mm screws (cup head, mechanical teeth)
  • 2x M3*25mm screws (cup head, mechanical teeth)
  • 2x M3*28mm screws (cup head, mechanical teeth)
  • 2x M3*30mm screws (cup head, mechanical teeth)
  • 4x M2*5mm screws (cup head, self-tapping)
  • 2x M3 nuts (with anti-skid rubber ring)
  • 1x product sticker


  • DIY as needed functions


Resources Parameters
DC-DC Convertor chip MP1584
Wide Input Range 9-24V
Continuous Output Current 2A
Output Voltage 5V
Product Size 54mm × 54mm × 28mm
Package Size 105mm × 65mm × 40mm
Product Weight 27.1g
Package Weight 133.7g


  • Customer Reviews

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    Mark Bunds
    Nice, integrated solution for M5 Stack special projects.

    When I finish a simple prototype for an M5 Stack accessory, and wish to commit it to a perfboard that integrates nicely, this inexpensive kit provides an elegant way to put everything together in a good looking project. I like the DC jack with the embedded 5 volt regulator, but I really like that the jack can be tapped for high-power projects if necessary. I also like that it ships with data connectors, which allows me to extend the internal com interfaces, or wire them to independent/isolated serial coms provided by components placed on the perfboard. I like the removable panels in the case a lot too, because these are easily modified to allow mounting of antennas, additional switches, LEDs, and/or buttons, and the cutouts are just large enough to mount a small OLED display for readouts from the custom circuits. I could make all of this myself using a 3D printer and purchased parts, but I couldn't get close to the reasonable price of this kit, plus the time savings alone is more than worth it.

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