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ATOM Socket is a smart power socket adapted to ATOM main control. Built-in HLW8032 high-precision energy metering IC, can read the electrical parameters (line voltage, current, active power, apparent power and power factor) of the socket through serial communication. The external jack adopts Japanese standard specifications, and the internal integrated single-circuit relay (AC-100~120V@10A) is used to control the power on and off of the socket. With the ATOM main control integrated with WiFi module, the power socket can be easily connected to the network for remote control And energy metering. The extra socket integrates HY2.0-4P interface, which can interact with external equipment (relay signal input, key signal output).

Product Features

  • Single relay control socket power on and off (AC:100~120V@10A/DC:28V@10A)
  • HLW8032 High Precision Energy Metering IC
  • Support voltage and current detection power calculation, within 1000:1 dynamic range:
    • The measurement error of active power reaches 0.2%
    • The effective current measurement error reaches 0.5%
    • The effective voltage measurement error reaches 0.5%
  • UART communication (baud: 4800)
  • ∑-Δ ADC, high-precision energy metering core
  • JP&US jack- PSE standard
  • HY2.0-4P external control interface


  • 1x ATOM Socket
  • 1x ATOM LITE


  • Metering socket
  • Smart WIFI socket
  • Smart home appliance control


Resources Parameter
HLW8032 serial port communication baud rate 4800
Recommended load power <=1000W
Relay parameters AC:100~120V@10A / DC:28V@10A
Net weight 104g
Gross weight 116.6g
Product size 90*42*55mm
Package size 92*62*42mm


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Rob Cairns
    Nice replacement for third party AC power controllers

    My needs were quite simple , being able to toggle power on and off from a rasp pi python app. Using MQTT this was easily accomplished. I am not using the v/a monitoring at this time. Bought two more for future tasks.

    Mazin Alton
    Great Device need more documentation/Arduino support

    a lot of hardware is not supported by arduino by default or libraries don't exists would love to see more community work. i love the hardware you sell but more support of the chipsets would be great.

    Yoshiki Osawa

    ATOM Socket Kit (HLW8023) - JP&US

    Takao Akaki
    It is a good product, though I would not recommend it for beginners.

    It is a useful product to keep track of power consumption, although it is up to the user to create their own firmware. Be careful when creating the application, as the buttons may work unexpectedly due to GPIO39 issues.

    ATOM Socket Kit (HLW8023) - JP&US

    Nice and compact. Works nicely as expected. Thanks.