ATOM Motion Kit with Motor and Servo Driver (STM32F0)


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ATOM Motion is a steering gear & DC motor drive base designed for the ATOM device series. It has an integrated STM32 control chip with an I2C communication control mode suitable for device communication. The base includes 4-channel steering gear and 2-channel DC motor interface. Integrated 16340 lithium battery (with capacity of 700mAh). Two-way HY2.0-4P interface expansion and 4 LED out pins which can be used to connect some sensors and expansion equipment. Suitable for multi-steering gear/motor control scenarios, such as multi-axis steering gear manipulator control or trolley motor drive.

Product Features

  • 4 channel servo control
  • 2 channel DC motor control
  • Removable lithium battery
  • Magnetic back design
  • Independent power switch
  • 2 way HY2.0-4P expansion interface


  • 1x ATOM Lite
  • 1x ATOM Motion
  • 1x M2 screw driver
  • 1x M2*8 cup head screws
  • 1x TYPE-C USB Cable(20cm)


  • DC motor trolley control
  • Steering gear arm control


Specifications Parameters
Removable lithium battery Specification: 16340, capacity 700mAh
Motor interface PIN spacing 2.54mm
Full load steering current 3A
Single-channel motor operating peak current 1A
Single channel servo working peak current 0.4A
Net Weight 40g
Gross Weight 77.1g
Product size 24 * 72 * 21mm
Packing Size 95 * 65 * 25mm


  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Francisco Carabaza
    Compact and versatile.

    A good module for making small mobile robots.

    Jessi Stark
    Absolutely love these devices!

    This device is EXACTLY what I need for prototyping, it's like they designed it just for me and my thesis. There are only things stopping me from giving it five stars. First, there is no indication for when the battery is charged or when it's low, so it often just shuts down when I'm in the middle of working with it. I've often left it plugged in for hours overnight and it still didn't have enough charge to even turn on by morning. I highly recommend getting an external charger for the battery, it's been a lifesaver for me. The second thing is that even though there is support for developing in the Arduino environment, there is little to no documentation about how to do so - you simply have to dig through the source code to figure it out. Nonetheless, I'm super excited about this device!

    This product is most suitable for making simple mechatronics.

    Batteries, microcontrollers, motor drivers for DC motors...etc, You get all the elements you need to create robots and other mechatronics in this product.

    If you are a MAKER, you should have one.

    LeRoy Miller
    Almost perfect

    for years I've been looking for a all in one robot controller. This is as close as I've found. A few things that I would add would be more GPIO (or a way to read wheel encoders. (See Pololu Romi Chassis as an example)), a distance sensor ( Time of flight ranging, or ultra sonic). Also needs an led to indicate that the battery is charging. Otherwise, I really enjoy the size, and functionality of the Atom Motion.