ATOM HUB AC/DC Remote Control Switch Kit


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ATOM HUB SWITCH is a versatile dual-control programmable switch designed specifically for ATOM. It enables simultaneous control of two AC/DC circuits, allowing for seamless on/off switching.

The switch is equipped with a built-in step-down module, providing ATOM with a reliable 5V/1A DC power supply. With its onboard relay, it can handle a maximum load of 250V/10A for mains power, including a transient current capacity of 16A. To ensure safety during operation, the DC circuit incorporates overheat and short-circuit protection, automatically disconnecting the circuit in case of excessive current or a short circuit occurrence.

For enhanced flexibility in industrial settings, the ATOM HUB SWITCH includes an integrated SP485EE level conversion chip. This chip provides an RS485 interface, allowing seamless connection to RS485 devices. RS485 not only facilitates data transfer but also has the capability to power ATOM, supporting voltage input within the range of 9-24V. Additionally, the switch offers a set of HY2.0 interfaces, enabling easy connectivity to I2C peripherals or general-purpose I/O devices.

Leveraging ATOM's built-in Wi-Fi functionality, the ATOM HUB SWITCH allows for convenient remote control of connected switch devices. Moreover, if you have multiple ATOM HUB SWITCH units, they can be easily connected in parallel using the RS485 interface, expanding the scope of your control capabilities.

Product Features

  • Compatible ATOM Matrix/ATOM Lite
  • Built-in AC-DC circuit
  • 2-way relay
  • Built-in RS485 level-conversion, supporting Modbus
  • HY2.0 port extend
  • Short circuit protection
  • Remote control via Wi-Fi and RS485


  • 1x ATOM Lite
  • 4x Magnet
  • 1x double-side tape
  • 1x DIN Rail
  • 1x 3.96*4P plug
  • 3x 3.96*3P plug
  • 1x M4 Hex Key
  • 1x M2 Hex Key
  • 2x M4*10mm Hexagon countersunk screw
  • 1x M2*20mm Hexagon socket cup head machine screw


  • Intelligent switch


Resources Parameter
Relay AC 250V/10A(Instantaneous current 16A), DC 5V/1A
Switch power supply(AC-DC) AC 250V-DC 5V
RS485 supply voltage 9V-24V
Interface 1x HY2.0(PORT A), 1x HT3.96R 4P(RS485), 2x HT3.96R 3P(Relay), 1x HT3.96R 3P(AC/DC IN)
Net weight 134g
Gross weight 158g
Product Size 72*40*30mm
Package Size 104*77*35mm
Case material Plastic ( PC )


  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Enrico Casti
    Nice device

    Used this device for a project requiring some relay and powered with AC.
    It was a perfect fit.

    Bradley Hosken
    ATOM HUB AC/DC Remote Control Switch Kit

    I am using this for monitoring my wife's Green house. Connected to a ENV Sensor and the two relays are driving Water Solenoid valves - Its great!

    Moises Fernandez Arias

    ATOM HUB AC/DC Remote Control Switch Kit

    Jitse Schaafsma
    The ultimate relais board

    Webbased on off switches made very easy with this device which operates with a M5Atom. Wishing list : some kind of dimmer for led lights.

    Evan Kichline
    Atom Hub

    Excellent device! I had it controlling lights in no time.

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