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ATOM FLY is a programmable mini quadcopter that utilizes M5ATOM as its core. The AtomFLY is suitable for flying indoors. The PCB also acts as the quadcopter frame with the motors embedded in the PCB to minimize the take-off weight. The frame has an X-shaped layout for more flexible control. The frame is also equipped with a barometer, three-axis accelerometer and gyroscope (IMU)for height setting and attitude maintenance. AtomFLY is also equipped with ToF (Time of Flight) for automatic landing and obstacle avoidance. There is an LED power indicator on the frame, and the quadcopter is powered by an external 200mAh lithium battery. (NOTE: There is no pre-programmed factory firmware) AtomFLY is intended as a quadcopter dev kit and users need to write their own firmware in order to control it.


All hardware functions of the AtomFLY Kit are tested before leaving the factory. Atom Lite does not have any built-in firmware. The programs provided below only provide basic function tests. You need to program yourself to achieve the purpose of remote control flight. Please pay attention to safety during the test and keep your body away from the propeller to prevent accidents. Lithium battery is charged using the supplied charging cable, and the battery charging status is observed through the indicator lights. Red led means charging, and green led means already fully charged(About 30 minutes). Unplug the charger in time after the battery is full to prevent damage caused by overcharging the battery.

Product Features

  • ATOM Matrix/ATOM Lite compatible
  • Supports WiFi remote control if programmed to do so.
  • Built-in barometer, accelerometer, gyroscope and ToF
  • Small and compact body


  • 1x ATOM FLY frame
  • 1x ATOM Lite
  • 1x Battery charge
  • 1x 200mAh Battery
  • 2x CW propeller
  • 2x CCW propeller


  • Remote control drone


Specification Parameter
ToF VL53L0x
Barometer BMP280
Power Battery 200mAh/1S/25C/JST
Propeller Diameter 2 inch
Coreless Motor Load Speed:31000±10%RPM
Coreless Motor Stall Current 4A Max.
Net weight 32g
Gross weight 70g
Product Size 70*70*30mm
Package Size 150*75*40mm
Case material PCB


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TAju YUan
good item!

The program is a little difficult to program, but it's fun in many ways.

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