Air Quality Kit w/ M5StampS3 (SEN55, SCD40)


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AirQ is an integrated, low-power air quality monitoring device designed to provide comprehensive air quality monitoring solutions. It features multiple components, including the SEN55 air quality sensor and the SCD40 CO2 sensor, enabling the monitoring of PM1.0, PM2.5, PM4, PM10 particles, temperature, humidity, VOC, and CO2 concentrations. Powered by the StampS3 main controller and equipped with 8M Flash memory, AirQ ensures efficient data processing and storage capabilities.

The device comes with a 1.54-inch e-ink display with a resolution of 200x200, providing a clear visual representation of the data. Even in the event of a power outage, the final data screen will remain visible, ensuring continuous visualization. To extend monitoring capabilities, AirQ is equipped with a 450mAh battery and an RTC low-power power management circuit. This allows the device to enter sleep mode and be awakened on a scheduled basis, conserving energy and prolonging battery life.

Out of the box, AirQ's firmware is preconfigured to upload data to M5's EZDATA cloud platform, which automatically generates monitoring pages, providing users with convenient remote access and data management. Users can monitor air quality data anytime, anywhere through the cloud-based access.

For versatile installation options, AirQ features LEGO mounting holes, adhesive magnets, and four detachable mounting ears. This allows for flexible and secure installation in various settings, including homes, schools, industrial facilities, and hospitals, enabling long-term online air quality monitoring.

To enter download mode, press and hold the G0 button on the StampS3 before powering on, and release it after powering up.

Power On:

  • You can power on the device by pressing the "WAKE" button or through the RTC-triggered IRQ signal for wake-up. After completing the wake-up signal, in the program initialization, it is necessary to set the hold (G46) pin to a high level (1) to maintain power; otherwise, the device will re-enter sleep mode.

Power Off:

  • To power off when not externally powered via USB, press the RST button. Alternatively, when running the program without external USB power, set HOLD (GPIO46) to 0 to achieve a power-off shutdown.


  • SEN55 and SCD40 sensors
  • 1.54 inch ink screen (resolution 200*200)
  • Built-in 450mAh battery
  • Grove interface
  • Access the EZDATA cloud platform
  • The RTC wakes up periodically


  • 1x AirQ
  • 1x Operating Instructions


  • Home environment monitoring
  • Automation in industry
  • Medical locations
  • Research laboratory
  • Remote monitoring application
  • Air-conditioning system optimization
  • Construction site


Resources Parameters
MCU StampS3(ESP32S3FN8@8M Flash,240Mhz,2.4GHz Wi-Fi)
Screen GDEW0154M091
SPI interface
1-bit Black/white display (gray scale :2)
Field of view size (mm):27.6x27.6
Point spacing (mm) 0.138x0.138
Refresh time (s) 0.82
Office brush time (s) 0.24
Resolution 200*200px
SEN55 I2C address: 0x69
SCD40 I2C address: 0x62
Environmental detection type PM1.0, PM2.5, PM4, PM10 particles, temperature, humidity, VOC and CO2 concentrations
Battery 450mAh@3.7V
Button Key A(G0), key B(G8), Start Button, Reset and Shutdown
Grove interface HY2.0-4P
Buzzer Onboard passive buzzer
Fixed Structure Lego mounting holes, adsorption magnets and 4 M3 plug-in mounting ears
Operating Temperature 0-40°C
Product Size 72*56*24.1mm
Package Size 103*75*30mm
Product Weight 91.1g
Package Weight 119.3g


  • Customer Reviews

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    Daniel Alarik
    Works well, very easy setup

    If you need to know what's going on with the air quality in a room, attic or under the sink, this is the device for you. I was impressed how easy it was to get started, it maybe took me 30 seconds. I'll certainly get a few more. (Battery could be bigger, but no complaints).

    William Schmitt
    Works great in Home Assistant

    I was able to install esphome to the AirQ and add to Home Assistant. Now I can monitor it there and track history, rather than rely on the little display, which only shows a snapshot.

    marwan m
    Excellent sensors, would be more useful if integrated with home assistant

    Excellent form factor, ok aesthetics, enough info in the diagram to be able to include it with ESPhome but does not have an official integration code/pathway, so you'll have to figure it out yourself, giving up some functions (battery charging and usage, display details, etc ...)

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