ESP32 PSRAM Timer Camera Fisheye (OV3660)


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The Timer Camera F is a fisheye camera module based on ESP32-D0WDQ6-V3 with 8M PSRAM and 4M Flash on board. 3.0 megapixel camera (OV3660) with DFOV 120° and a maximum resolution of 2048x1536 photos can be captured. The camera features an ultra-low-power design, and the internal integrated RTC (BM8563) draws out the IRQ signal, which can be used for sleep and timer wake-up (sleep current down to 2μA). The built-in 270mAh battery provides more than one month of battery life with timed pictures (one per hour) enabled. The module supports WiFi image transfer and USB port debugging, and the HY2.0-4P output on the bottom can be used to expand other peripherals. The on-board LED status indicator and reset button facilitate program development and debugging. In terms of application, M5Stack provides a number of simple and efficient application development methods and interfaces for the TimerCAM series, making it easy for users to use and develop their applications. (including PC/Mobile photo shooting APP, cloud image HTTP interface for timer shooting, cloud AI recognition interface (not online yet), etc.)

The low-power power management solution adopted by the Timer Camera series is different from the CORE and StickC devices. When in use, the PWR button is used as a power-on button(long press 2s). If you need to shut down the device, you need to use the software API or press the Reset button on the PCB.When using external power supply, the device will remain powered on.

Product Features

  • Design based on esp32
  • WiFi image transmission
  • Timed sleep wake up
  • Status indicator
  • Ultra low power design
  • Built-in 270mAh battery
  • Programming platform:ESP-IDF/Arduino/UIFlow


  • 1x Timer Camera F
  • 1x LEGO Adapter
  • 1x Wall-1515
  • 1x Type-C USB(20cm)

USB Drive problems

TimerCAM may not work without driver in some systems. Users can manually install FTDI driver to fix this problem.


  • Take pictures regularly
  • Remote video monitoring

FISH EYE LENS Comparison Normal LENS


Resources Parameter
Flash 4M
Battery 270mAh
Image Sensor OV3660
Maximum resolution 300w pixels
Output format 8-/10-Bit RAW, RGB and YCbCr output, compression.
Maximum image transmission rate (OV3660) 2048x1536: 15fps / 1080p: 20fps / 720p: 45fps / XGA(1024x768) : 45fps / VGA(640x480) : 60fps / QVGA(320x240) : 120fps
DFOV 120°
Net weight 21g
Gross weight 44g
Product Size 48*24*22.6mm
Package Size 75*45*30mm


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Good and fast delivery


ESP32 PSRAM Timer Camera Fisheye (OV3660)

Really low power, good sw

The camera is a real low power device, and has a great sw provided, I managed to add it as board in platformio and developed a low power mqtt lapse camera that lasts more than a week sending one image every 5 min https://www.homesmartmesh.com/docs/microcontrollers/esp32/fisheye-cam-ov36/#mqtt-timer-cam

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