Solid State Relay Unit (BT136S)


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SSR (Solid State Relay) Unit relays are a type of relay that differ from traditional electromagnetic relays in several ways. One significant difference is their extended switching life, which is much longer compared to electromagnetic relays. This longevity is achieved because SSRs utilize power semiconductor devices for switching instead of mechanical contacts.

SSR Unit incorporates the MOC3043M optocoupler isolation and zero-crossing detection. The MOC3043M is an optically isolated triac driver that provides electrical isolation between the control circuitry and the output power circuit. The zero-crossing detection feature ensures that the switching of the SSR occurs at the point of zero voltage crossing, minimizing electrical noise and reducing stress on the connected devices.

SSR Unit supports a control signal input range of 3.3-5V DC, making it compatible with microcontrollers and other digital control systems. The control input allows users to switch the output power of a single-phase 220-250V AC source.

SSR Units are known for their fast switching speed, typically in the range of microseconds. This rapid on/off capability is enabled by the power semiconductor devices used within the SSR. Additionally, SSR Units often include built-in over-current protection mechanisms to safeguard against excessive current flow.

These characteristics make SSR Units suitable for applications that require frequent switching and fast response times. They are widely used in various industries, including lighting control systems, CNC machine tools, automation, and other applications where precise control and quick switching are necessary.

1. Please be careful when using high voltage AC loads, and do not operate with electricity.
2. This relay is for AC loads only.

Product Features

  • Over-zero type SSR
  • Built-in over-current protection
  • Built-in optocoupler isolation, with over-zero detection
  • High speed, Low noise, Durable, high reliability, high sensitivity
  • More convenient to access with GROVE interface
  • Supports UIFlow graphic programming, realizing the relay remote control with M5 controller in just 3 mins!

Advantages over mechanical relays:
1.Faster on/off speed and no physical contact wear.
2.Completely silent operation.
3. No electrical sparks for use in complex environments.
4.Long lasting
5 .Compact size


  • 1x Unit SSR
  • 1x HY2.0-4P Cable


  • Motor control
  • Industrial and domestic lighting
  • Heating and static switching
  • Stage lighting
  • Medical equipment, traffic signal lights


Resources Parameter
SCR Model BT136S
Optocoupler Isolation Model MOC3043
Control Signal 3.3-5V DC
On/Off Voltage single-phase AC: 220-250V
Max. load current 2A
Number of control channels 1
Over-current protection Fuse: 2A
Operating Temperature -10 to +80°C
Net Weight 52g
Gross Weight 70g
Product Dimensions 54 x 54 x 16mm
Package Size 75 x 60 x 20mm


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    Solid State Relay Unit (BT136S)

    Arrived on time (as usual) and works as advertised.

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