6-Axis IMU Unit(MPU6886)


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6-Axis IMU Unit is a sensor designed to measure the orientation and acceleration of an object in six degrees of freedom. It integrates a 3-axis accelerometer and a 3-axis gyroscope, allowing real-time calculation of tilt angles and acceleration. The unit utilizes the MPU6886 chip, which features a 16-bit ADC, built-in programmable digital filters, and an on-chip temperature sensor. It communicates with the host device through the I2C interface (address: 0x68) and supports low-power mode.

The 3-axis accelerometer measures linear acceleration along the X, Y, and Z axes, providing information about changes in velocity and orientation relative to the force of gravity. The 3-axis gyroscope measures angular velocity around the same axes, enabling the detection of rotational movements. By combining the data from both sensors, the 6-Axis IMU Unit can accurately determine the object's orientation in three-dimensional space.

The MPU6886 chip offers high-resolution analog-to-digital conversion, allowing precise measurement of acceleration and rotation. It also includes programmable digital filters to reduce noise and improve signal accuracy. The on-chip temperature sensor provides temperature readings, which can be useful for temperature compensation or monitoring applications.

With its I2C interface, the 6-Axis IMU Unit can easily communicate with a microcontroller or other devices, making it suitable for various applications such as robotics, drones, motion tracking, virtual reality, and gesture recognition. Its low-power mode helps conserve energy, making it ideal for battery-powered applications.

Product Features

  • 3-axis gravity accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope
  • On chip temperature sensor
  • 1KB FIFO
  • Support low power consumption
  • Development platform: Arduino, uiflow (blocky, python)
  • 2X LEGO compatible holes


  • 1x 6-Axis IMU Unit
  • 1x Grove Cable (5cm)


  • Wearable devices
  • Motion tracking
  • UAV attitude determination


Resources Parameter
Communication protocol I2C:0x68
Accelerometer range ±2g, ±4g, ±8g, or ±16g
Accelerometer noise 100 μg/√Hz
Gyroscope range ±250, ±500, ±1000, or ±2000 degrees per second
Gyroscope sensitivity error 1%
Gyroscope noise ±4 mdps/√Hz
Net Weight 4g
Gross Weight 9g
Produce Size 24*24*13mm
Package Size 35*36*18mm


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    6-Axis IMU Unit(MPU6886)

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