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RoverC-Pro is a programmable Mecanum wheel omnidirectional mobile robot base. Compatible with M5StickC/M5StickC PLUS, it can be initialized by just inserting M5StickC/M5StickC PLUS. The main control chip is STM32F030C6T6, and it incorporates four N20 worm gear motors to drive the wheels directly by the motor driver.

The PRO version provides a gripping mechanism controlled by a servo for gripping objects. The base provides two dedicated servo control drivers. In addition, it also provides two Grove-compatible I2C connectors to facilitate the expansion of other modules. The base is compatible with Lego and can be expanded structurally. There is an 16340 (700mAh) battery on the back, from which the battery can be replaced. It can be recharged through M5StickC/M5StickC PLUS. The power of the base is controlled by an independent switch.

Product Features

  • I2C Address 0x38
  • Remote Control
  • Gripping mechanism
  • Programmable
  • Four-channel motor driver
  • LEGO compatible
  • Extra Grove ports for expansion
  • Equipped with 16340(700mAh) battery holder
  • Flexible movement in all directions


  • 1x RoverC base(includes 16340(700mAh) Battery)
  • 1x Claw Kit


  • Autonomous Rover
  • Mini RC surveillance car
  • Smart and cognitive toys


Resources Parameter
Communication protocol I2C:0x38
Net weight 187g
Gross weight 245g
Product Size 120 x 75 x 58mm
Package Size 115 x 85 x 65mm


  • Using M5StickC on RoverC and JoyC with M5Atom attached to display direction of the RoverC.
    Use BT serial to program omnidirectional movement sequences. Make a game out of it and try to guide the robot around obstacles.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Zsolt Mázló
    Nice little machine

    This little toy machine is an excellent tool to learn how to drive such a vehicle. However I'm not sure what am I doing wrong, because if I write smaller values to the motors (~30), each motors starts to move at different point thus the vehicle starts to drift before starting to move forward.

    Daniel Feau
    Gear motors have issues

    Nice mecanum wheels robot base compatible with lego. Unfortunately, the 2 front gear motors on my unit have some mechanical issues and rotate at much lower speeds than the 2 other gear motors in the back. The motor drivers thresholds to get the 2 front wheels spinning are much higher than the ones for the back wheels. You need to run all motors always almost at full speed and it's difficult to control the intended trajectory of the robot with defective gear motors and no encoders.

    Great little robot, wish the mechanum docs were more comprehensive.

    I’ve never used mechanum wheels before and even after trying the examples I found guessing the values for the parameters to be less than ideal, there’s a lot of wheel spinning on most surfaces. Otherwise a great little robot, very well built, and the UIFlow software is intuitive to use.

    RuVic Saballa

    Add a speed/distance sensor for navigation and travel measure

    Shigeo Kinoshita
    Yesterday, I tweeted.