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ATOM ECHO  is a Programmable Smart Speaker based on the M5ATOM design. With its compact form factor measuring only 24 * 24 * 17 mm, this speaker delivers impressive capabilities. Easily play music wirelessly using the BT capabilities of the ESP32 from your mobile phone or tablet.

What sets ATOM ECHO apart is its programmability and integration with cloud platforms such as AWS and Baidu. Utilizing the built-in microphone and speaker, it enables voice interaction and AI functionality. Experience voice control, story-telling, and seamless integration with the Internet of Things (IoT).

The speaker is equipped with an embedded RGB LED (SK6812), allowing for visual display of connection status. Beyond its role as a Bluetooth speaker, ATOM ECHO retains the control abilities of the Atom series. The convenient screw hole on the back facilitates easy installation for users.

With ATOM ECHO, you have a powerful, programmable smart speaker that combines compact design, AI capabilities, and seamless IoT integration for an enhanced audio experience in any setting.

Product Features

  • Light and compact
  • Support STT services
  • Based on ESP32 arduino, Support A2DP
  • 2.4G Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b/g/n
  • Built-in microphone and speaker
  • RGB LED status display indication
  • Grove extension interface
  • Record and playback
  • Programmable key
  • Programming platform:Arduino, ESP-IDF/ADF


  • 1x ATOM ECHO


  • BT Speaker
  • Voice Control
  • Home Automation


Resources Parameter
SoC ESP-PICO-D4, 240MHz, Dual Core, Wi-Fi
Flash 4MB
Interface 1x IR-TX,1x Function Button,1x Reset Button
PinOut G21/G25/5V/GND, 3V3/G22/G19/G23/G33
Speaker 0.5W/NS4168 I2S
Microphone SPM1423 PDM
Net weight 5g
Gross weight 10g
Product Size 24*24*17mm
Package Size 63*63*12mm
Case Material Plastic ( PC )


  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 71 reviews
    Alex Sawicki
    Many Great uses, less than execution.

    Great addition to my smart home at first, set up was the right amount of tinkering for me. Issues arised when using the echo as assist device over long term. The device seems to freeze up after a while, probably needing to restart, but the issue progressed until it would need to restart between each use. The mic worked suprisingly good, not flawless, but great for the price. The speaker is not great, but it's like 1 cm so So that's to be expected. I'm sure I'll have some use for it in my smart home though and while it didn't live up to my plans, there's a high likelihood it's due to my limited knowlesge and imagination. I am happy with my purchase, but would gladly pay more for a more robust device that wouldn't need external speakers or mics and that remains consistent executing functions.

    Nicholas Frillman
    Delivered on time, and responded to my email

    Was afraid I put in a double order, customer service was great, they checked and confirmed, I ordered 1 time. After that, I got a timeline for delivery and am completely satisfied with my purchase.

    Dominic de Changy
    good for fun but that is all...

    Not usable in home automation: device goes in idle mode at random moments + speaker is barely audible.

    Steffen Spliethoff
    Does not work :(

    Unfortunately it does not work with home assistant

    Jon Smith
    Good proof of concept

    Not sensitive enough to be actually useful, in order to have it work as a microphone you have to have it in a near silent room and be directly in front of it. I'm using this with home assistant

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