Kmeter Isolation Unit with Thermocouple Temperature Sensor (MAX31855)


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KMeterISO unit is an all-in-one solution for temperature measurement that integrates the functions of acquisition, isolation, and communication. It incorporates a K-type thermocouple sensor and utilizes the STM32F030+MAX31855KASA+T 14-bit thermocouple digital conversion chip scheme, ensuring high-precision temperature acquisition and conversion. 

The unit's microcontroller unit (MCU) employs the STM32F030, enabling seamless data acquisition and communication through the I2C interface. The CA-IS3641HW serves as a signal isolator, ensuring reliable and safe data transmission.

The KMeterISO unit supports K-type thermocouple probes with a wide measurement range of -200°C to 1350°C. It features a universal standard K-type flat interface, allowing for easy replacement of different measuring probes to cater to specific temperature measurement needs.

This module finds extensive application in various fields, including industrial automation, instrumentation, power and electrical systems, heat treatment, and more. It is well-suited for temperature collection, control, and monitoring in diverse scenarios, providing accurate and reliable temperature data.


  • STM32F030, high-performance ARM Cortex-M0 core, supports I2C firmware updates
  • MAX31855KASA+T: (14Bit ADC, 0.25°C Resolution, ±2% Accuracy)
  • Supported probe types: Type K - Supports access probe measuring range from -200°C to 1350°C
  • I2C communication interface addr: 0x66
  • Signal Isulate The CA-IS3641HW isolates input and output signals to improve stability, safety, and reliability.
  • Supported programming platforms: Arduino, UIFlow


  • 1x KmeterISO Unit
  • 1x K-type thermocouple probe (measuring range -50°C to 250°C, wire length 1m)
  • 1x HY2.0-4P cable (20cm)


  • Industrial automation
  • Instrumentation
  • Power appliances
  • heat treatment


Resources Parameters
MCU STM32F030, ARM Cortex-M0,UP to 48MHz,64K flash,4K SRAM
Temperature sensor chip MAX31855KASA+T
Signal isolation chip CA-IS3641HW
resolution 14 bit
Thermocouple Operating temperature range -200-1350°C
Thermocouple type K
Maximum sample rate 10 Hz
SPI interface clock frequency range Up to 5 MHz
Internal temperature sensor accuracy ±2°C
measurement accuracy ±2°C
Anomaly detection Open, short, and thermocouple low voltages
STM32F030 ARM Cortex-M0,48MHz,64K flash,8K SRAM
i2c address 0x66
Product Size 56 * 24 * 9.6 mm
Package Size 136 * 92mm * 13mm
Product Weight 10.1g
Package Weight 22g


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Bruce Kusens
Kmeter Isolation Unit with Thermocouple Temperature Sensor I can

Very nice product - it rapidly senses changes. Works as advertised

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