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The M5NanoC6 is a miniature, low-power IoT development board within the M5Stack development kit series. It is equipped with an ESP32-C6FH4 as the MCU, supporting advanced wireless communication methods such as Wi-Fi 6 and Zigbee, along with a built-in infrared emitter for convenient control of infrared IoT devices. Its onboard ceramic antenna ensures a stable wireless communication connection. Additionally, the device is equipped with programmable RGB beads, adding personalized visual effects to projects. The inclusion of the Grove interface allows the M5NanoC6 to flexibly expand a variety of M5 devices (customizable for different types of devices, such as those using UART, I2C, and other communication protocols), providing developers with rich hardware expansion possibilities. It is suitable for fields such as smart homes, industrial automation, health monitoring, and IoT devices, offering a comprehensive development solution for innovative projects.

The burning program needs to enter the download mode: press and hold the key (GPIO9), and then connect the data cable to enter the download mode.

The M5NanoC6 is the first WiFi-6-enabled core control board that supports the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi 6 protocol (802.11ax) and is backward compatible with 802.11b /g/n.
The WiFi 6 protocol has higher speed, greater capacity, lower latency, and stronger security than previous WiFi protocols.


  • (2.4Ghz)Wi-Fi 6, Zigbee, and Thread, Matter wireless protocols are supported
  • Built-in infrared LED and RGB
  • Equipped with Grove port
  • Ceramic antenna
  • Small in size


  • 1x M5NanoC6


  • Intelligent housing system
  • Industrial control system
  • Environmental monitoring system
  • Agricultural iot systems
  • Medical treatment
  • Consumer electronic
  • Service robot


Resources Parameters
SoC ESP32-C6FH4@RISC-V 160MHz,4M Flash, Wi-Fi 6,Zigbee 3.0,Thread 1.3, Matter,CDC
WIFI protocol 2.4GHz Wi-Fi 6 protocol (802.11ax) and backward compatible with 802.11b /g/n
RGB WS2812
IR remote control parameters The infrared emission distance of < 0° is 632CM
The infrared emission distance of < 45° is 83CM
The infrared emission distance of < 90° is 29CM
Grove outputs maximum current DC 5V@600mA(Output capacity depends on USB power supply)
Standby current (Deep Sleep Mode) Type-C Power supply DC 5V@125.5uA
Grove power supply DC 5V@50uA
Standby current (ULP Mode) Type-C Power supply DC 5V@252uA
Grove power supply DC 5V@201.5uA
Operating current In WIFI mode: DC 5V@106.2mA
WI-FI stretch test (antenna back up, back alignment test) 54.9m
Operating temperature 0-40°C
Product Size 23.5*12*9.5mm
Package Size 110*81*11mm
Product Weight 2.5g
Package Weight 11.2g


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