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M5Stack is modular stackable product development toolkits based on ESP32 (The world’s most popular Wi-Fi SoC, upgrade of ESP8266). The M5 ecosystem consists of main controller we call it “core”, the stackable modules and bases, grove compatible sensors we call it “units” and different applications for STEM, makers and industry IoT. M5Stack is committed to providing easy-to-develop and cost-effective IoT devices.


Jimmy Lai


Jimmy Lai is an experienced engineer, who through years of creating software and hardware for the booming tech industry in Asia saw gaps in the market. The typical process is to use development boards for rapid prototyping, howeverit still takes 3-6 months from prototype to delivery of a real-hardware product.

Starting with a PCB layout to moulding to software, to certifi-cation etc… Jimmy was driven to provide a better solution tofill the gap between a development board and an end prod-uct for other engineers like himself and began to design andcreate a series of 5cm*5cm modular stackable prototypes in 2016.

In 2017, Jimmy received a seed round investment from HAX (a US based hardware accelerator) and officially founded M5Stack in Shenzhen.

In 2018, M5Stack launched 60+ SKU and became a strategic partner of Espressif. M5Stack products have been integrated with Microsoft Azure IoT solutions.

In 2019, Japan based IoT solution company Soracom cooper-ated with M5Stack and announced an M5Stack 3G expansion board module.


About M5Stack Company

When engineer and tech genius Jimmy Lai saw the need for a way to bridge the gap between development and end product, he was driven to provide the ultimate solution. Inspired by his vision to create innovative products that accelerate development speed and enable high-quality prototyping at industrial-level quality, he founded M5Stack in 2016. Full of fresh and intelligent ideas, M5Stack is backed by a passionate and enthusiastic team of hardcore engineers, makers, designers and hackers who are eager and excited about helping developers make their most creative dreams a reality. Now, M5Stack offers the leading IoT development platform for industrial automation, STEAM education, rapid prototyping, and more with its robust, open source development kit that’s incredibly affordable, fully functional, completely customizable, and easy for developers to handle new product development on all stages.

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