M5Stack's Eventful 2022

IoT has reshaped our world in recent years as a technological revolution. With the development of IoT, M5Stack has gone through six years. The year 2022 is eventful. Here, we look back at the most important events of this year and express our sincere gratitude to our customers and friends.

01 Collaboration with Sony:Release of Atom Mate for toio™ in Japan

* toio™ is a registered trademark or trademark of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc

Atom Mate for toio™ is the first project M5Stack and Sony have worked on together and immediately became a hit when released in Japan.  

* toio™ development using UIFloweloper of toio™

* Tanaka, the developer of toio™, is a big fan of M5

02 Collaboration with AWS:Launch of AWS IoT Edukit SimpleIOT Starter Bundle V1.0

Simple IoT, AWS's IoT workshop, provides free IoT programming knowledge and up-to-date code. Simple IoT ( is 100% open source, users can view and modify all data, code and services in their AWS account, and build their IoT projects with M5Stack's SimpleIOT Starter Bundle, an all-in-one package that allows people to start experimenting with a fully built and connected device in less than 5 minutes.

03 Collaboration with Microsoft: Launch of PnPFlow for Azure IoT Central Based on UIFlow

Project PnPFlow is the latest collaboration between M5STACK and the Azure IoT team. It provides a better collaborative experience for developers to build IoT plug-and-play devices without having to know the complexities of plug-and-play protocols and DTDL models. All they need to do is drag and drop blocks to build a business-centric application in UIFLOW. It is automatically provisioned on Azure IoT Central and works seamlessly with IoT Central's template-based web UI.

* PnPFlow demo 

04 M5Stack's Core2, Basic Core and COM.LTE Module have Been Added to Ericsson's Partner Marketplace Offering Catalogue


05 Listed in Digi-Key's Guide to Boards 2022

M5Stack's Stamp C3U, Stamp Pico and StickC plus are listed in this guide, plus Stamp C3U was ranked New&Notable.

06 Basic V2.6, Core2 and StickC Top Switch Science's TOP100 Best-selling Products

For the third year in a row, the M5 has taken the number one spot on the Switch Science TOP 100 list of best-selling products. And there are seven M5Stack products on this list: Basic V2.6 (#1), Core2 (#2), StickC Plus (#3), Core2 for AWS (#18), ATOM Lite (#21), Fire V2.6 (#23) and ATOM Matrix (#26).

According to Mr Yasui, Sales Director of Switch Science, M5Stack is good at collecting requirements at all levels to develop products, sharing development information with customers on social media platforms, actively adopting user opinions, and developing at a high speed, which is M5's strength that is difficult for other companies to catch up with.

07 Exhibited at the High-tech Fair - IOTE 2022, the 18th International IoT Exhibition, and Won the IOTE Gold Award for Innovative Products and the Excellent Product Award of the High-tech Fair

08 M5Stack Japan Creativity Contest 2022 Received 153 Outstanding Entries

09 Office Relocation

Moving to a new location, integrating resources and staff.

Looking back on 2022, there was both hardship and happiness. In 2022, M5 continued to release new products every Friday. 63 new products were released throughout the year, including embedded controllers, communication modules and a full range of sensors. Product applications also expanded into a wider range of areas, including blockchain, smart weather stations, smart storage and more.

M5Stack could not have come this far without the customers' and friends' support and help. We sincerely thank you and wish you a happy, safe and prosperous 2023.


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