Save BIG for next semester with these back-to-school deals

We are ready to send students back to school with some serious tech gear. For a good reason — M5 has just about everything to get you or your kids get smarter through the year.


Get those discounts ready, because we are having a major back-to-school sale. From August 10th-24th, Right now you will receive 15% off all premier selected items picked from us to add some more fun to your school life.


Even if you aren’t a student heading back to school, ’tis the season to splurge on some necessities and upgrade your tech, including AI Camera for your Edge Computing, AWS IoT EduKit for getting started IoT projects. If you have no idea where to start, Link below has also listed a few checklists you can use to get ready!

Click here More deals offered Don't miss out!


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