E2E Use Case of ERICSSON IoT Accelerator integrated with M5Stack Core, AWS IoT, and NodeRed

In today’s digital economy, It is more important to be very accurate about measuring service quality. Especially for enterprises, they will likely require increasingly strict performance for real-time and ultra-reliable applications.


Developing and assurance to meet new quality in service requirements are critical to leadership in the IoT era. The accuracy of measuring service quality is of greater importance than ever before. Monitoring requires highly granular and proactive measurements to detect problems as they arise and before they will affect customer service.


Software and Automation are essential for driving customer satisfaction and simplifying operations. Service operations need to be able to identify, understand, eliminate and resolve the issues before they impact your service and customer experience.


Ericsson IoT Accelerator enables enterprises to easily deploy, manage and scale their global IoT business from a unified IoT platform. In order to achieve more together. M5 working together with Ericsson on an application, offering active assurance and works by measuring end-to-end service quality through reading data from embedded sensors and showing them on a dashboard, managing connectivity on a subscription and network-level through IoT Accelerator APIs.

Whether you have an established modern service assurance framework or not. Learn more about how to use proactive assurance to optimize cost predictability and increase service security that enable a proactive, service-centric operating model.


Read our Quick user guide to register M5Stack+COM.LTE to AWS IoT platform to learn more.


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