Mars Summit IoT project competition in 2 hours!

Mars Summit is the biggest tech conference in southern China. Located in Shenzhen, Mars Summit brings the leaders from the technology industry and leaders from all kinds of businesses who have a passion for applying tech.


Under the organization of HAX, the M5 team and the technology giants Mars Summit jointly held a "Creator Hackathon".

Participants team up on their own, the task is to use the various hardware in the M5Stack system within 2 hours to develop a creative product! After the game, the team will demonstrate the product, explain the inspiration and meaning of the project.

The M5 team provided the participants with the core control console "M5GO" and a series of extended function modules. Help them quickly get started with our web programming platform "UIFlow", with the blockly programming language, even for people who have no programming foundation, they can get started quickly.

Building a complete work in 2 hours, "Mission impossible" becomes "everything is possible" with the M5 system support.

Brain Storming Time

Human recognizer

This team made a "human identification device" and couldn't wait to verify whether the friends here are humans. 

Intelligent traffic light

By detecting whether someone is waiting on the sidewalk, the traffic light can be automatically changed, completely solving the trouble of waiting for the red light.

Introducing the winner! "Cooker Guardian"

Using the NCIR Unit to achieve temperature monitoring. When placed next to the cooktop, it can detect the temperature of the kitchen or flame. When the set temperature is exceeded, the Neopixel light bar will be illuminated for prompting. The threshold for monitoring the temperature can also be adjusted via the Angle Unit.

This hardcore team spent 3 minutes to design the brand logo, and the product structure made in only 30 minutes!

After the summit, Nathan Rich said "I have contacted many startups. It is very encouraging to see China's technological leadership. In the field of science and technology, China is moving from a dependent state to an innovative one. This is very instructive."

"China is growing at an unprecedented rate in innovation, which makes me proud of being in this trend."


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