M5Stack at InnoFair HK 2019

Inno Faire 2019, jointly organized by Hongkong maker Club and the Hong Kong Productivity Council, was held at the Productivity Building (HKPC), Kowloon Road, Kowloon, from May 25 to May 26.
Follow the camera and quickly experience the innovative energy!

At the M5Stack booth, the latest DIY M5 Polaroid camera was shown. Just press the shutter and the photo data will be transferred to the thermal printer controlled by M5Core for fast printing via ESP-NOW.
There are also industrial-grade thermal imaging cameras, motion control applications, PM2.5 detection modules, M5 electronic scales and other applications (it's so cool).

The products cover a wide range of application areas, and the programming kit M5GO for STEM education attracts the children immediately to write programs on site!

Many fans brought their M5 works to the exhibition. This M5 robot arm combined with the rocker, button and servo module can realize multi-joint rotation. It can hold items easily. The simple design is really eye-catching.

 Monitor soil moisture in real time by using the Earth Unit in the M5 system. (Watering or not, M5 decide!)

During the exhibition, M5 held a workshop of children programming with M5.


Using the graphical programming platform UIFlow developed by M5, even the beginner programmers can enjoy the creation.

This talented child, before the teacher has not fully explained the program, explores it by himself, and judges the acceleration value in the X-Y direction by programming to realize different light color control. (It is really amazing!)


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