M5Stack's New Device CORE2 Draws Attention to Its Touch Screen Display


Shenzhen, Sept. 01, 2020 - M5Stack launches its new product CORE2 - an ESP32 based dual-core WIFI & Bluetooth microcontroller for IoT development, with a capacitive touch screen that brings users a smoother human-computer interaction experience. 

M5Stack CORE2 integrates an ESP32 D0WDQ6-V3 with two Tensilica Xtensa 32-bit LX6 microprocessors that can be individually controlled. It supports both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, making it ideal for IoT projects. The device features 16 MB External Flash and 8MB PSRAM, has an adjustable clock frequency from 80 MHz to 240 MHz, a Built-in vibration motor for tactile notification, and a real-time clock(RTC)which can provide precise time and date.

It is compatible with esp32 Arduino, MicroPython and UIFlow. UIFlow is a Web-based IoT programming system developed by M5Stack and based on Google Blockly which is clear and easy to program visual interface.

M5Stack CORE2- the second generation core device in the M5Stack development kit series, which further enhances the functions of the original generation of cores. Here are some frequently asked questions for M5Stack CORE2.

Q1: Does It Still Reset When You Unplug It from USB and It Transitions to Battery Power?
A: No, it doesn't reset. M5Stack modified the power supply part of the board. It includes an SY7088 (DC/DC Boost) and the AXP192.

Q2: Is It Possible to Disable Screen Refresh When Using UIFlow?
A: UIFLOW for M5Stack CORE2 now uses LVGL GUI. lvgl will handle operations such as interface redrawing. You could need to use "lv.deinit()" if you don't want to use lvgl.
If you just want to disable the screen refresh, you can try the below function.
lv.obj.set_click(lv.scr_act(), False)
It should be working!

Q3: Where Can I Find the Reference Doc for M5Stack CORE2?
A: Click here to find the reference doc.

Q4: How to Expand Features by Stacking Different M5Stack Function ''MODULES" on M5Stack CORE2?
A: There is a small expansion board on the back of M5Stack CORE2 with a 6-axis IMU sensor and microphone. You need to remove the small expansion board if you want to use M5Stack expansion modules. 

Q5: How to Set Up the Three Virtual Buttons on the Touch Panel?
A: The three circles at the bottom of the touch screen are programmable virtual buttons. Currently, we have an Arduino code to guide you to set up it. You can click here to find it. 
Also, M5Stack UIFLOW can implement it. UIFlow is a Web-based IoT programming system developed by M5Stack and based on Google Blockly which is a clear and easy to program visual interface.

Q6: What Can I Do the Small Board at the Bottom of M5Stack CORE2?
A: This small expansion board brings about more possibilities, users could design their own miniature customized expansion boards, or use the existing bus modules.

Q7: The SD Card Function and the Touch Screen Function Can Work at the Same Time?
A: Yeah. The PIN Groups have been multiplexed which allows us to connect to it more efficiently to perform the two functions at the same time.

Q8: Is It Compatible with Face, Fire?

A: Sure.

Q9: Where Can I Buy It?
A: You can buy it from M5Stack Official Store.
For Japanese users, you can order Switch Science
For U.S. users, you can order Digi-Key Electronics
For EU users, you can order Distrelec Group

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