M5Stack X Microsoft Seminar & Workshop for Azure IoT

On May 11, 2021, M5stack together with Microsoft team, kicking off with an inspiring seminar followed by a broad set of hands-on experiences and depth training workshop. 

Developing an IoT solution involves circuit design, embedded systems, Wireless& telecommunications, network security, and the data of the server performance. The mix of knowledge and skills requirement can be very critical under Technological Complexity for engineers. As to enterprises, Prolonged Cycle, High risks, and recruiting difficulty are all pain points for entering into IoT Industry.

Therefore, combining modular hardware with managed cloud services is certainly a major technology trend that will realize IoT success.


Introducing Azure IoT Hub and IoT Central by Microsoft team

M5Stack collaborated with Microsoft Azure to establish the key goal: Ensuring participants set up IoT solutions quick & easy with hardware and software that has been pre-flashed and verified to work with Azure loT Hub.

Showboard of M5Stack and myCobot products for IIoT applications

The plan for the seminar was to start by giving a brief keynote presentation introducing Azure IoT technology and service, functions of IoT Hub and IoT Central from the Microsoft team, following with hands-on experiences using M5Stack products, illustrating the range of project possibilities. M5Stack team presented the aims and objectives as well as the agenda for the rest of the workshop.

Head of Sales Allen gives a detailed intro to M5Stack products and solutions

With that in mind, the M5Stack Core2 was the perfect hardware candidate, It can instantly connect the world of IoT hub with a drag-and-drop graphical programming environment - UIFlow. Simplifying the development process for those who require integrated hardware and software solutions.

M5Stack team guiding the participants through the hands-on experience during the workshop

M5Stack has been cooperating with Microsoft since the very beginning of Azure IoT Hub in 2017. Not only M5stack have far-reaching IoT applications in industry, retailing, and agriculture, but also empowers students to learn coding in the STEM sector.

About M5Stack

M5Stack is a technology company that designs and manufactures modular IoT development kit, including hardware, programming platform and IoT solutions. It was founded by Jimmy Lai in 2017 and based in Shenzhen, China.

M5STACK is on mission to "Quick&Easy IoT development", with M5STACK hardware platform and ecosystem, to achieve IoT development and deployment easier and faster.

Please feel free to leave comments or contact us if you have any needs or inquiries about M5Stack industrial IoT products for comprehensive application, edge computing application! Stay tuned for our next updates!


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