M5Stack Was on Fire @Maker Faire Shenzhen 2019

This year's Shenzhen Maker Faire was held on November 9th -10th  at Shenzhen’s Nanshan Vanke Cloud Design Corporation. As the leading large-scale maker gathering in China, this exhibition comprised of 108 exhibit booths. Exhibitors and visitors from all over the world embraced the most cutting-edge technology experience here.

Every year, Maker Faire brings a lot of things to people, and this year was no exception. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Open-Source hardware, wearables, robotics, 3D printing, and a wide range of other exciting fields. As one of the exhibitors, M5Stack has also come prepared with a series of interesting exhibits for this Maker Faire.

Let's take a look at the portfolio for this exhibition.

1.Medical Infusion Alarm System

M5Stack, which is good at putting creative ideas into products, has a particular enthusiasm for research and development of smart medical devices in addition to developing daily smart home appliances. The following exhibit is a “MEDICAL INFUSION ALARM SYSTEM,” which is an excellent implementation of the concept of "using technology to solve traditional problems."

In general hospitals and clinics, patients need to check whether the fluid in an infusion pump is appropriately infused, and when the infusion is complete, they need to call the nurse to change the fluids. For patients who are not in the condition, there is a risk of fluid loss and reflux, leading to pain and dangerous situations. So, we at M5Stack have developed a better and intelligent system to address this problem.

The infusion alarm system consists of a nurse station and an infusion monitoring terminal(smart infusion pump). Both of them are connected via WIFI, where the nurse station acts as an Acess Point to which several infusion monitor terminals are connected and transmits data through UDP connection. This eliminates the requirement of a router and simplifies the whole process.

Photoelectric sensors determine whether the liquid in the infusion tube is being pumped and whether the fluid in the IV bag is completed by calculating the refractive index. When the liquid is below the detection level, a message prompt is instantaneously sent to the nurse station alerting about the condition. This can, many times, be a lifesaver.

2.Component Indexing System

Our second exhibit is for hardware enthusiasts. There are hundreds of different electronic components with dozens of various specifications. And when you really need to use a specific model, it is common that you go rummaging the inventory cabinet and end up finding every other component except the one you are looking for ☹.  

With hundreds of boxes with different resistors, capacitors and ICs, going through each and every one of them to find a single resistor is a real pain and unbearable. It gets increasingly difficult as the number of components in your inventory starts to get huge. At some point, you feel like you are searching for a needle in the haystack.Therefore, the careful M5 engineers saw the user's pain and developed the "M5 Cells". This inventory management system works by inputting the component categories and specifications of the query, and the position of the component box is highlighted instantly. This removes all the unnecessary hassle and improves your work efficiency. Don't mention more!

3.AI Sorting Machine

In daily life, classifying objects is becoming really frequent and tedious. "Material classification," "Garbage segregation," and the demand for various methods to sort and regroup things is increasing rapidly.

Compared to the traditional way of manual sorting,  AI-based intelligent IDing and sorting can not only reduce the workload but also speed up the whole process. But for many novice users, the word AI seems to be very "distant and strange," so we decided to use the M5Stack hardware system to build an intelligent sorting application model for encouraging more and more people to learn to use “AI”. Our AI camera helps you learn about AI to make your own AI-based application.

The model adopts M5StickV’s smart AI camera. And the V-Training object recognition model training service provided by M5 gives the camera the ability to recognize the object. Then the stepper motor module works in tandem with the steering gear module to identify the object, classify and sort it accordingly.

4.Sedentary Reminder

“Do you often find yourself in a situation using the computer, forgetting the time and sit hours together and loose all the to contact with real-life?” or “Do you constantly slouch and sit in an awkward position that gets you neck pain and headache?”.  Then the engineers at M5STACK designed this "sedentary reminder" just for you!

When using, all you need to do is just to place the reminder under the computer monitor. The Time of Flight laser ranging sensor used to detect the distance between the user and the PC in real-time, to determine whether the user has been sedentary for a long time or too close from the monitor, and issues a warning signal. When you see the light, take a break and have a good interaction with your colleagues over a cup of coffee 😊.

5.Smart Library

The next exhibit on the list is the “Smart Library,” equipped with all the necessary hardware and software to perform the scenarios of borrowing a book from the library along with the billing. There are scanners to scan the label of the book and the borrower’s card. Based on this, the M5Stack does the billing and gives a printed invoice.

6.AI-Visitors Counter!

Our AI face recognition setup made from our very own M5STACK, M5SticV and M5SticT, counts the number of people passing in front of it and displays the count on the screen of the M5 core. The additional thermal camera from the M5StickT allows you to see the infrared spectrum that is invisible to the human eye.

Fans are enthusiastic and continue to heat up!

In addition to the M5 booth itself, we also found a lot of our M5 products in other exhibition booths. There, we got the opportunity to see innovative ideas that we have never explored. All of these were designed by our fan makers.

Every year the MakerFaire gives us a lot of inspiration along with the opportunity to get genuine feedback and user experience from many makers and engineers from all around the world. Giving back the best products to the community based on this accurate feedback is what M5Stack has been doing.

This MakerFaire has come to a successful conclusion, and we will see you next time!


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