M5Stack partners with Qubitro: Here's what it means for users

M5Stack is proud to partner with Qubitro, the IoT application development platform provider, and looking forward to delivering robust end to end solutions to our customers.


Our new partnership with Qubitro will bring new, innovative, and data-driven products and services to market, as well as more businesses to benefit from the efficiency, productivity, and sustainability gain IoT enables.


“Together with Qubitro to provide services to a wide range of customers that require low-code, easy-to-use and many other industrial solutions,” expressed Jimmy Lai, the CEO of M5Stack. “Connecting Qubitro platform via M5Stack’s UIFlow IDE, allows developers to proactively identify issues and resolve them all from one cohesive interface, and to get sensor data showing up perfectly for fast deployments, significantly reducing the time and cost, improve workflows, and increase overall customer satisfaction.”

The connectivity, performance, and features available with Qubitro and UIFlow unlock many applications for ESP32-based M5Stack Cores. Qubitro debugging and monitoring platform offer far more than simply managed storage, visualize and understand metrics, enabling customers to more accurately correlate behaviors with device state to reproduce the issue and find solutions quickly.

Tutorials of connecting M5Stack Core2 with Qubitro platform through UIFlow IDE in a few minutes!

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About M5Stack

M5Stack is a technology company based in Shenzhen China, specializing In the design, development and production of IoT development toolkits and solutions.

We are committed to providing fully functional, customizable and cost-effective open source IoT development toolkits and easy programming platform “UIFlow” and AIoT solutions for smart city, smart agriculture, commercial purpose, industry 4.0, robotics and STEAM education.


About Qubitro

Qubitro is an IoT application development platform where you can build IoT solutions without worrying about infrastructure management and scalability. It is the fastest way to build IoT applications with predictable pricing, developer-friendly features, and scalability you’ll love. Qubitro offers a no-code Portal and APIs to reduce the costs and time to market while increasing developer productivity.


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