M5Stack Partners with Digi-key

M5Stack is extremely excited to partner with the electronic components distributor Digi-key to expand the products supply chains around the world.

Digi-Key is one of the fastest growing distributors of electronic components in the world. The company provides electronic parts and online design services to engineers all around the world. 

Engineers can easily get M5Stack products anywhere around the world. And all the products on the shelves can meet the need of a global shipment, which shortens the delivery time. The one-stop services from Digikey is to provide convenience and efficiency to engineers purchasing components. Supporting paypal payment would be more convenient.

Currently, 40 plus M5Stack products are available on Digi-Key platform. Engineers can find our products, and all products ready for off-the-shelf delivery.

1. RF Evaluation and Development Kits, Boards

The category is involved in a series of M5Core products such as M5Stack BASIC Kit, GRAY Kit and FIRE Kit. The function of these products have been continuously upgraded so that the products can be used to more projects.

 2. Educational Kits

M5Stack have been focusing on the STEAM. M5GO is a starter development kit designed for STEAM. It is better option to starter in prototyping.

 3. Evaluation Boards - Expansion Boards, Daughter Cards

Engineers can find the various M5units are involved in this item such EARTH unit, Dual Button unit and so on. 

 4. Wearables

This category includes the development kits for wearables such the very popular M5StickC watch.

 5. Robotics Kits

M5Stack offers robot development kits and much more to suit everyone's tastes.

 6. Accessories

Here you can find a number of accessories. The accessories can be suitable for a variety of different applications.

M5Stack was a pioneer of providing a series of 5cm*5cm stackable development toolkits to simplify prototyping. M5Stack's development board is a good solution for users looking to rapidly prototype IoT solutions. Unlike others, this development board is highly productized. It is covered with an industrial-grade case and an ESP32-based development board. M5Stack will add new product categories on the Digi-key platform in the future.


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