Have you ever heard of M5Stack HACKATHON? It is a creative contest for M5Stack inner staff that started in 2019. The first M5Stack HACKATHON of 2020 was held last Friday. In order to encourage staff innovation using M5Stack products and promote teamwork and problem solving, to let all staff know more about in-house products.

The theme is “Smart Office” for this time. From 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM, it is the time of the “marathon” to design and program “Smart Office" projects for each group. There are four groups to join the contest. Different groups have different projects to show. The project show started at 5:00 PM, the members from the four groups show their project. 

The Projects from Four Groups.

Team 1:Smart Message Receiver from Tomato Group

Hardware: M5Stack Fire
Software: UIFlow

The project mainly implements the function of receiving the message in the office.

Team2: Friendship Tester from HaYun She Group

Hardware: M5Stack Fire and M5StickC
Software: UIFlow


This is a fantastic project! "It can recognize who is your loyal friend!" said by the speaker from this team.

Team3: ATOM Board from MoYu Group

Hardware: M5Stack ATOM Matrix
Software: UIFlow


Most keyboard shortcuts require the user to press a single key or a sequence of keys one after the other. Other keyboard shortcuts require pressing and holding several keys simultaneously. Keyboard shortcuts may depend on the keyboard layout. However, the common keyboard shortcuts still difficult to remember, inconvenient to use, easy to press wrong. ATOM Board form MoYu Group can save you a lot of time, easier to use.

Team4: Smart Office Security Alarm from Guardian Group

Hardware: M5Stack ATOMIC, M5Stack ATOM Matrix, M5Stack ATOM ECHO, M5Stack Basic Core
Software: UIFlow

The project is mainly used to remote security alarm. The ATOM will become an alarm when you touch the door. The alarm will sound when you opened the door, the holder of M5Stack Basic Core will receive the message that the door has been opened.

This is an interesting and exciting day! Finally, thanks to all participants!



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