M5Stack Christmas Contest 2022 Winners Announced

Christmas is celebrated by countries around the world. Traditions to celebrate the festival of love include a feast; giving gifts or cards; and enjoying church or public festivities, like singing Christmas carols and songs.

To celebrate the festival, Makers always show off their skills. In the M5Stack Christmas Contest 2022, M5 loyalists make a good performance. We hereby express our thanks to everyone who participated and helped make this contest a success! Let's see which ones came out on top from the 28 entries.

Magic Christmas Tree@IkeuchiRyota

 With a flick of the star wand, the Christmas tree lights up smoothly. Isn’t it like magic? In fact, it's based on the power of technology. Magnets are set underneath the Lego block with wires, Hall effect Unit is mounted on the bottom of the StickC console, when the star wand with iron inside connects to the magnet on the console, the lights on the Christmas tree start flickering as set before.

Chebyshev Linkage Robots @KantenNamako

 Its a comedy-style work with a mix of Asian and Western styles. To celebrate Christmas and new year, using M5Stack as the controller, Keiichi Matsui made two Chebyshev linkage (a four-bar linkage that converts rotational motion to approximate linear motion created by Chebyshev)robots. These two robots are decorated cutely, having a funny moving pace, conveying a happy atmosphere.

ATOM Christmas Tree@aaa_tu

 This Christmas tree stands out from the rest of the entries with its sense of technology and Minimalism. Just using M5ATOM Matrix and MAX7219 LED Display Module, @aaa_tu made this perfect project. The tutorial is uploaded on his website at 

Other Great Projects

M5stack Snow Ball@LuisLlamas

LuisLlamas is good at software interaction with M5Stack, making interesting projects. This time, Luis made a snowball with M5Core2, when the device turns direction, the snowflakes whirled down to the gravity direction gotten by the accelerometer in Core2, cute and vivid.

Displaying Air Quality CO2 Over Snowflakes @zeromem0

Zeromemo made a snowflake theme for Core2, a project that balances aesthetics and practicality. Hanged on a Christmas tree, this Core2 displays the time, temperature, CO2 concentration and ambient humidity information over snowflakes, presenting a festival atmosphere. Zeromemo uploaded the open-source code Github: 

Shake with ATOM S3@its_hard_2_name

As a Christmas gift from M5 to the engineers friends, the first batch of ATOMS3 went out of stock as soon as released. The author of this project, IAMLIUBO, is M5's leader test engineer. He made a interesting shaking game with ATOM S3’s built-inn IMU. LIUBO is also responsible for UIFlow 2.0. As he revealed, UIFlow 2.0 will be online before the Chinese New Year, stay tuned for it!




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