M5Stack Maker Fashion Edu


Maker Fashion Edu was held on May 26th at the Nanshan District Cultural and Art Center in Shenzhen.

"Maria" from Shenmei International School is wearing a well-designed dress and is equipped with the "Butterfly" launcher sponsored by M5Stack. It is eye-catching at this technology fashion event.

M5Stack's custom-designed Butterfly emitter uses a simple and reliable mechanical fixing structure. The rubber band and the steering gear control the launch and fixation of the butterfly model. The base is embedded with programmable RGB LEDs and the acrylic base with good light transmission. 

Using M5Core as the control core, you can easily implement button control, attitude control, and even network control transmitter activation with a simple servo program editing!

In the M5Stack system, there is a visual effect branch, which aims to bring developers cool product decoration effects.
Using M5Core as a controller can help creators make the lighting design they want, or controllable models, as quickly as possible.

Together with M5Stack, create fashion differently.


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