M5GO-STEM Learning Kit For Beginners



Have you been looking for a STEM LEARNING KIT for your children? Then look no further than M5GO IoT Starter Kit.

You don't often hear the terms fun and STEM in the same sentence, but trust us when we say these STEM kits and toys really are fun and educational. With M5GO, your children will love learning about some basic STEM fundamentals whilst playing for hours on end.


10 Serial official tutorial videos for "M5Go" are coming to our YouTube channel!

 "M5Go - IoT starter kit" also comes with an official guidebook, contains 16 courses with robotics and IoT cases step by step. GET THE FREE BOOK NOW!

This M5GO IOT Kit is easy to programming using UIFlow. You children will get more hands on experience for coding and electronics from this kit. It’s a great teaching or learning science kit for any age who is interest in coding and electronics. 


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