Join the Build2Gether Contest and Win over $40,000 in Prizes with M5Stack Hardware

Despite significant advancements in technology, there are still many challenges faced by people with disabilities in their daily lives. ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGIES have the potential to transform the lives of millions of individuals, providing them with greater independence, access, and opportunities. However, there are still many areas where these technologies fall short or simply do not exist.


That's where the Build2gether Inclusive Innovation Challenge comes in. We're calling on innovators worldwide to design cutting-edge technologies that address the unique needs of individuals with disabilities, with a total prize pool worth up to $40,000. This competition is organized by ETH Zurich and hosted by a hardware sponsor, M5Stack will provide all-round support for the participants.

Participants are encouraged to build innovative solutions across three themes: GAMING for people with mobility impairments, TRAVELLING for people with mobility impairments, and SWIMMING for people with visual impairments. All themes will run concurrently, allowing participants the flexibility to choose and engage in any or all of them.

What sets this contest apart is the opportunity to directly engage with representatives of the disability community through Discord channels. Participants will hear firsthand about their problems and needs, and work together to create truly inclusive technologies.

To help participants get started, 250 hardware kits are available for application until August 20, 2023, at 23:59 Pacific Time. M5Stack provides 50 gift cards of 40$ value, which can be used to buy M5Stack hardware, such as the Core2 and other powerful ESP32 microcontrollers as well as multiple sensors. And in addition to gift cards, M5Stack will provide extra support to contestants who choose to use M5Stack hardware.

The competition will end on November 30, 2023, at 23:59 Pacific Time. Join us in building a more inclusive and equitable future for all. Scan the QR code on the image or visit to access the competition page and learn more.



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