M5Stack User Meet Up at Hong Kong Polytechnic

2019.4.29 | 18:00

Recently we hosted an M5Stack user meet up event in cooperation with Letin Tech at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

In addition to the M5Stack user fans, there were also some teachers and students from schools or educational institutions who came to see how easy it is to program the M5Stack.

The host of the event introduced the origin of the "M5Stack" brand name. The "M stands for modular design", "5 is the standard design size of the module 5x5cm", “Stack” represents the stack-ability of the design.

In the entire M5Stack hardware ecosystem, there are multiple hardware branches, different performance and types: cores, modules, bases, functional units that can be used for external connection and compatibility, and development accessories for various application scenarios. 

M5STACK founder Jimmy Lai shared the vision of M5Stack. In his words ”M5Stack provides a series of development hardware with screen, buttons and sensors all in a professional looking case which can be freely stacked or expanded. The purpose is to speed up the development of prototypes and to make prototypes that look more like a finished product.

Luke introduced the web programming platform “UIFlow" Which is a Blockly based independently developed programming tool by M5Stack.

This IDE also supports MicroPython and can push code to the M5Stack device over the network. Even if the device is on the other side of the globe, as long as it is connected to the network it can be programmed.

Luke helped everyone get quickly set up with the UIFlow programming platform by introducing a series of small programming examples. Even though it's the teachers and students first time using the interface they were able to create a variety of programs with ease. Whether your using a computer, tablet or mobile phone, you can use UIFlow to program anytime, anywhere.

After the meetup, M5Stack representatives showed the participants some M5Stack product applications and unveiled some new products, like educational development board, which is especially helpful for university or high-level programming education. The industrial automation system and motion control system designed for the M5Core will provide developers with a reliable and cost-effective industrial development solution.

M5Stack will continue to improve the hardware ecosystem, and in the future will launch more powerful development hardware and high-quality STEM curriculum and documentation resources to aid engineers, makers, and educators.


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