From Sketch to IoT Application with M5Paper - Touch Enabled e-ink Device


M5Stack has launched a unique new device in its core series. M5Paper is a touch enabled E-ink display. Far from being a simple E-reader, M5Paper is a fully programmable microcontroller which could be the ideal choice for your IoT applications. This low power device could suit such purposes as a shelf display, industrial controller, smart weather display and so on. 

M5Paper is powered by the ESP32-D0WD. Its E-Ink display supports 16-level gray scale, which provides a great reading experience. The display is a GT911 capacitive touch screen, which supports multipoint touch and a variety of gesture controls.

Compared to a regular LCD, E-Ink displays are easier on the eyes, which makes them a great choice for reading or viewing for longer periods. The M5Paper has ultra low power consumption, basically power is only required for refreshing and keeps displaying previous content for a long time even when powered down.

Similar to the M5Stack Core Ink, it is equipped with multi-function buttons for operation, sensors such as the SHT30 temperature and moisture sensor and an SD card port for data storage.

Additionally, the FM24C02 internal eeprom chip (256KB-EEPROM) can be used to store vital data even when the device is off. A 1150mAh lipo battery keeps the device going for long periods and battery life can be further preserved by using the RTC (BM8563) to set the device into deep sleep and wake it up again when needed. Three HY2.0-4P expansion ports are included which allow for building complex projects using the existing sensors in the M5Stack ecosystem.


Product Features

ESP32 Standard Wireless Functions WiFi, Bluetooth Internal 16M Flash

Ultra-Low Power Consumption

Multi-Point Touch Screen

180 Degree Viewing Angle

Internal 1150mAh Battery

Expandable - HY2.0-4P 3 x External Expansion Ports


IoT Terminal

E-Book Reader

Industrial Control Panel 

Smart Home Panel

M5Paper is compatible with Arduino, MicroPython and UIFlow. UIFlow is a Web-based IoT programming system developed by M5Stack and based on Google Blockly which is a clear and easy to program visual interface. 

If you require a smart display with a minimal power consumption, M5Paper could very well be the device for you.


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