Fairly Simple to Build Your Visual Recognition Features with M5Stack V-Function


Really? M5StickV and M5Stack Unit-V AI camera can be directly handled via UIFlow? Yes, indeed!

Whether you're currently seeking a way with faster, convenient, and low-cost to build your AI recognition projects. Here is how to quickly build your projects via UIFlow.

There are two optional items you can use for your projects. As one of the most popular M5Stack items in terms of sales and popularity, the M5Stack Unit-V is slightly cheaper than M5StickV. Click here to learn whats the difference.

What is V-Function?

V-Function is a series of visual recognition functional firmware for M5StickV and M5Stack Unit-V AI camera. Based on different functional firmware such as Motion Detect, Target Trace, Color Trace, and so on. It was developed by the M5Stack team. 


Motion detect 
Target Trace 
Color Trace 
Face detect
Bar Code 
More features will be updated in the V-Function. Coming soon! 

Why V-Function?

V-Function, purpose-built for programming faster for users. The new features have been added to UIFlow 1.6.2 version. You can directly download the program for M5StickV and M5Stack Unit-V AI camera via UIFlow. Visit to enter UIFlow. Click the Unit add button in the function panel and select the UnitV extension to add it. When adding, please configure according to the actual port used. Click ok to add.

How to Burn Firmware into Your Device and Call It through UIFlow Graphical programming? Please click here and check the tutorial. Get started now with M5Stack V-Function.


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