A Look Back to the First Half of 2020: M5Stack New Items


The first half of 2020 has been challenging, for every part of the world. The COVID-19 pandemic has spread with alarming speed, infecting millions, and bringing economic activity to a near standstill.

M5Stack has the skills and workforce to help combat this crisis. We have overcome various difficulties and released 17 new products as planned.

Here is an overview of the products that we built in the last six months:

M5Stack ATOM Series

M5Stack ATOM Series

M5Stack ATOM Matrix contains an ESP32-PICO-D4 chip, which comes integrated with WiFi, Bluetooth, and 4MB of integrated SPI flash memory. 

M5Stack ATOM Lite is a very compact development board in the M5Stack development kit series. It provides more GPIOs for user customization which is very suitable for embedded smart home devices and in making smart toys. The ESP32-PICO chip is the main control that comes integrated with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies and has a 4MB of integrated SPI flash memory. Atom Lite board provides an Infra-Red LED, an RGB LED, buttons, and a PH2.0 interface. In addition, it can connect to external sensors and actuators through 6 GPIOs. The on-board Type-C USB interface enables rapid program upload and execution.

M5Stack ATOMIC is a versatile DIY kit for users to unleash a new wave of creative ideas and opportunities. It is ideal for you to design your own projects!

M5Stack Tail485 is an RS485 converter designed for M5ATOM, which is used for converting RS485 signals to TTL.

M5Stack TailBat is an accessory external battery designed for M5Stack ATOM. It can directly supply power to the M5Stack ATOM.

M5Stack ATOM HUB PROTO is a DIY proto board module designed for use with the ATOM series. Build circuits or connect peripherals! Create prototypes and end-use devices for various scenarios.

M5Stack ATOM QR-CODE Scanner is an ESP32 M5Stack Atom compatible module with wireless connectivity for reading Barcode/QR-codes. Compatible with Arduino, it easily captures all common barcodes (2D and 1D) on labels!

M5Stack ATOM ECHO is a tiny programmable smart speaker dev kit with WiFi and BLE. It was beloved by many M5 fans. 

M5Stack Servo Kit is a 9g servo with a LEGO-compatible fixed bracket. There are 180 ° and 360 ° specifications.

M5Stack ATOMIC GPS is a GPS+Glonass positioning module based on ATOMIC. The navigation chip is M8030-KT, together with a flash and a button cell can save your history configuration.

M5Stack ATOMIC TF-CARD is an ATOM-based TF (MicroSD) card module. It can support up to 16GB TF card.

M5Stack ATOM RS-485 is a TTL-RS485 converter designed for use with M5Stack Atomic. When the application equipment needs to communicate and be controlled through RS485, it is a perfect choice.

M5Stack ATOM RS-232 is a TTL-RS232 level-converter designed for use with the M5Stack Atomic module.

M5Stack ATOM SWITCH is a bi-directional control programable switch for the M5Stack ATOM.


BalaC is a DIY dual-wheel balancing car kit. BalaC uses the STM32 series chip, two motor driver ICs, and is also equipped with a rechargeable replaceable battery. It incorporates a light-weight design with 360° servos. It's possible to use the UIFlow graphic interface to program the balancing car. An M5StickC is included in the package. The BalaC maintains its balance with the help of mpu6886. The real-time compensation of the servos is controlled by calculating the offset value to achieve the purpose of balancing. A LEGO-compatible design allows you to change different tires.

M5Stack BalaC

M5Stack ENV II Unit with a built-in SHT30 and BMP280 is an environment sensor that can be used to measure temperature, humidity, and pressure.

ENV II Unit with Temperature Humidity Pressure Sensor

Which one is your preferred? M5Stack will offer more amazing gadgets. Welcome to come together to create a better future.


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